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Say a little prayer for Amber

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Amber has been sick with a cold for the past few days. I stayed home from work with her yesterday, and again today. Her little nose is either runny or it's plugged, and she breathes very heavily. I have some medicine the doctor gave me 2 weeks ago when she seemed to have a bit of a cold, so I am giving her that. I thought she was all over this cold, she seemed fine last week, but this weekend she showed signs of it again, and the past two days she has been coughing and sneezing. I try to use that little bulb thing on her nose, to suck out the stuff in there so she can breathe better, but she hates that and she cries so hard when I do that! Poor little thing!

I believe in all the prayers you all send up for people here or our furbabies when they are sick, so I am asking for a little prayer to be sent up that Amber will get to feeling much better!!!! I have to return to work tomorrow, I am only allowed so many days to miss work, no matter what the reason, and I had missed a couple days already with her two weeks ago when she first got the cold. I thought she was better, and now it is back. If I miss any more work, I will be in trouble, especially with the bad weather coming soon, there may be days I can't make it in, because of bad roads, so I have to be careful not to miss anymore after today for at least a month.

Say a little prayer for her, if you will. I would appreciate it. I am also giving her infants Tylenol drops along with the other drops from the Doctor. She is very fussy, although not as bad today as she was yesterday....I think she feels a little better, but is still coughing quite a bit.
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Ah Debby, its horrible when your kids are sick!

Have you tried eucalyptus oil in her room. I don't know what it's called in the States, but we have Vaporub in England which is like petroleum jelly with this oil in to help with breathing. You can't put it on very small babies' skin, but I put it on a tissue and slipped it between Kieran's baby gro and his vest.

Also lots of fluids to beat a cold!

Hope little Amber gets well soon - its rotten being poorly, particularly when you don't understand what's going on!

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A friend told me to try Vicks cream (it's like the vapo-rub in a jar, only it's a cream) and to put it on her chest...but I called the hospitals hotline for asking questions, just to double check on it, and they refered me to the poisen center people, who told me not to use it on a baby that young, because it absorbs into their skin, and she is too young for it.
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Yep, that's what I was told about Kieran - plus he had eczema too which meant we had to be really careful about what touched his skin!

Put it on a tissue and slip it between her clothing. That way she gets the benefit of the vapours without being able to eat it (eek!) or burn her skin.

Colds are horrible! My two have just started coughing and spluttering as well. Winter is most certainly here!

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Well, I've no helpful advice Debby, but just wanted to say I hope little Amber feels better real soon!! A prayer is going up!
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These add moisture to the air and can have a vicks liquid added to give her the extra releif. I know how hard it is with babies being sick. Is she having a barking cough? This is a sign of asthma. You may want to have it checked out. My children all hated the nose sucking thing too! If you decide to try to wipe her nose it's easier if you wipe one nostrel at a time. Press the tissue against the bridge of her nose and push down toward her lips. This way she won't feel panicked, or thrash about so much and you actually clear it a bit too.
My prayers are with you and Amber! I know how scarey it is when they are little.
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Thank you for the prayers, and advice!!! I am going to try to locate a vaporizer....we don't have one...but maybe my sister-in-law does and we could borrow it tonight. Thanks!!!
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Poor little Amber! Positive, healthy energy coming her way from Colorado.
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Oh I am so sorry she is sick. I will be thinking of her and say some prayers for her too. I hate when my kids are sick it is so awful.
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Oh, poor little Amber... Is it just a congested nose and difficulty breating? or does she cough as well?

Ron had the congested nose period at about the same age. The doctor told us part of that was becasue their airways are so small, it takes a very small amount of mucus to get them congested. What was most useful for us was sterile sea water spray that we sprayed directly into his nostrils. I'd let it sink in for 30 seconds and then just hold him in an upright position and it would get all the mucus out (then I would use the pump thing to get it away from the nostrils' end). Once or twice we had to go to the doctor who actually vacuumed his poor little nose with an electric pump... He hated the visits to the doctor but the water spray was ok provided I did it real fast and sang to him soothingly throughout

A humidifier is a good idea too - it helps them sleep through the night. We use a cool water humidifier but that's because we don't want to get the room too hot.

With Ron, it took several weeks but then it all cleared up never to return. I hope Amber is on her way to a fast and full recovery. I know it must be heart breaking for you to see her struggling to breath in her sleep.

Prayers are coming from this side of the globe too!
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Oh Debby....sending get well thoughts to Amber. Hope she feels better soon.

Like Anne, I was going to suggest the nose drops also. They have infant drops. It helps them breathe much better. I would use it at night especially. Maybe this is something you could try.

Take care little Amber, we're rooting for you sweetie!

I think the tissue slipped between the clothing idea really cool. I wish I had been given that advice when my boys were young! I'd have had to be really clever in hiding it though because Nicolas used to shred the kleenex and eat part of it too. Maybe you could even use a facecloth?
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Whisker's Mom, I feel really clever now! The other thing we used to do was put drops of Karvol on the bedsheets. I don't know if you can get it outside of the UK, but Karvol is basically a eucalyptus based oil that's safe for kids.

Making sure the room doesn't get too dry and hot is also good. I just used to put a wet towel on the radiator - not very high-tech, but worked all the same!

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No advice about infants with a cold, just lots of prayers that she gets better fast. And try not to stress out about her around her as babies can pick up mom's anxiety quickly. Prayers going up!
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The cool vapor humidifier is the best way, to go. The saline nose drops are good, too. A hand towel or washcloth, soaked in hot water and applied to the chest and back, helps break up chest congestion, too.

Don't sweat this too much. All kids get colds and sniffles. They feel miserable and you feel badly, for them but, they're pretty tough, for their size. Her nose may get chapped and irritated, from wiping it. A little petroleum jelly will take care of that. ChapStick makes a stick, called Nose Soother, too.

As long as her temp doesn't go over 100, there's not a lot to worry about. The elevated temp is a defense system, to kill bugs. Push fluids - lots of water and juice. If she's got a wet, mucousy cough, easy on the milk - it aggravates mucous production.

Take it easy, on yourself, too. Stressing won't help either of you.
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My prayers are on their way!
Give her a little smooche from me!
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Cindy..speaking of Chapsticks. I have a friend at the office who did that the other day. We were talking and she pulled out a chapstick and rubbed it around her nose. I guess I was staring because she said "G., this one is for my nose only and my other one is for my lips". I laughed. It was so funny to see because I had never seen anyone do that! She just buys the regular chapsticks and swears by it.

I learn something new every day!!! I honestly had no idea that they make them especially for noses.
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Debby, I love watching Amber grow up! I'm so sorry she's not well. Good thoughts and prayers coming your way!


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I really hope Amber is feeling better soon.
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I hope Amber is feeling all better very soon. Lots of good wishes going your way!
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Prayers are on the way, and I hope Amber is feeling better soon!
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Sending get well thoughts Amber's way. I hope she is feeling better soon.
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Lots of good thoughts heasing your way. I hope she feels better soon Debby.

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Debby - I hope Amber feels better soon! If you can't get a humidifier put a pot of water on the stove to simmer for a few hours. Add eucalyptus to either the humidifier of the pot so the scent is in the air!
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Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers and advice!!!!

I got her a vaporizer yesterday and put some oil in it that is supposed to help her breathe...it seems to have helped. The room smells faintly of vicks, but not real strong, so I think it will be safe.

I have tomorrow off since it is inventory at work, so I will keep her home with me and hopefully she will be getting better soon!!!

I also got some of those saline nose drops.

Thanks for your prayers and suggestions!!!! I appreciate it!!!
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Happy Halloween! I thought you had to go back to work today - but it's INVENTORY DAY! YAY!

How's she doing?????

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just saw this Debby, hope little Amber is feeling well soon!
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God bless her little lamb heart! It's so miserable to have a cold. My mother always put eucalyptus oil on a cloth hankie to breathe in at school when I had a cold. I thought I was the only person who ever heard of it! Of course. she was from Scotland, so I guess it's a British remedy. Prayers, prayers, and more prayers!

Oh, in case you didn't know, if there is illness in the family which requires your attention, (according to your doctor) your employer must give you that time. At least that's the way it is in Pennsylvania.
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Is Amber feeling better?!

Enjoy your day off with her!
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YEah Debby, how is Amber doing??

And Jeanie, my Mum used to do that do... except it used to dry the skin on my nose out!! :laughing:
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She IS feeling better!!! Yaaaay!!!!!!

Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers!!!

Jeanie....if there is illness in the family, and the doctor says so, my employer must give me the time off, but ONLY if I haved FMLA time left...I had to use it all for my maternity leave...so I have none...so even if she were deathly ill, and the Doctor said so, I would not be allowed time off.

I don't get all my FMLA time back until next September...although I will gain a few days at a time back this summer...they give you back a day for each time a year later that you used it, and so all my pre-natal Dr. appointments that I had every month will be added back to me each month this summer. It is confusing, I know.
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