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Ever felt out of place??

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Last night I went to a make-up party round a friends house, I was the first there and my friend and I were getting things ready. She has a new kitten - only about 8 weeks old and its teeny!! Cute as a bug and such a sweetie , and she also has a puppy (a complete psycho who she just doesn't train... but thats beside the point! haha)

Anyway, people started to arrive and of course they were all "oooing and ahhhhhing" over the little kitten, and the puppy... and lots of "pet talk" started. I thought "oo, its going to be a good night, make-up and lots of animal lovers!" thinking these people were nice..... anyway, as the night went on, and eveyone had arrived (we were still waiting for the make-up artist to arrive) the conversation, though still about anilmals, seemed to completely change direction, there was a pregnant girl there and a lady who had just had a baby, and they started saying about how they "got rid" of all their pets as soon as they knew they were pregnant - saying you can't have pets AND a baby around.... it turned into a conversation about how to "get rid" of cats and comments like "oh I wouldn't take it to the shelter, I'd just kick it out - after all, its a CAT" and they'd all have a great laugh about it... then the puppy would start playing up and comments like "that dogs mental, it needs a good slapping to sort it out" ?!?!?!?! I couldn't quite believe what I was hearing... these people were obviously the kind of people who get a pet for the "cuteness factor" and as soon as it wears off.... bye bye!

Anyway, I know this might sound like I over re-acted, but after an hour and a half of hearing these people say cruel, unkind, flippant things about what they'd do to animals.... I left. The party hadn't even started - the make up artist was late so we were all just sat around waiting... I guess they thought I was a bit strange leaving before it even started, but I'd had enough and suddenly didn't feel like a "girly night" with these people. I made my excuses and left, I felt out of place and just wanted to go home and snuggle my babies!!
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Scumbags! I would've left allright - but not before I'd given then a piece of my mind. I think you exercised extreme self control.

People think they're really 'hard' don't they - having control over animals smaller than themselves

Poor you having to sit and listen to all that drivel. Donkeys - the lot of them. Would they give their kids and good slapping if the misbhaved (probably) or sling them out?

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Some people don't value the lives of animals too much and think of pets as personal property that they can just get rid of whenever the pet becomes inconvenient.

It's too bad your evening was ruined, but I think you did the right thing when you left your friend's house.
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Good for you Rhea! I don't know how you were able to control yourself from saying anything but hopefully they got the point by you leaving so abruptly. I hate listening to people like that, it makes me want to grab them by the shoulders and shake the crap out of them!
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If it were me, I probably would have said something like "well, when you take on an animal, you're expected to look after it for the duration of its life, not just until you're sick of it and can't be bothered anymore. I have nothing in common with people who think like this and I'm off!"

I mean, those people who say you can't have kids and animals - really! I have two children aged 3 and 1, two dogs, six cats, and rats coming out of my ears and I manage this all after my full time job.

I run a rat rescue and I've heard some really feeble reasons for passing them on. "I can't cope" has to be the best. What's not to cope? It lives in a cage and has a life expectancy of three years. You clean it once a week and feed it a complete dried food. What's difficult about that?

Sorry, I'm on a bit of a rant here, aren't I?

Well done for leaving the room and not just simpering in a corner!!!!

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Good gosh Rhea!! Those people at that party sound simply horrible!!!! How dare they say kick it out, it's just a cat???? I would have been fuming, and would have left as well before I got into a big brawl!!!


Diana, that is so cool you run a rat rescue!! I have had pet rats most of my life, although I don't have any right now. I just love them, though...and you are right, they aren't any trouble to take care of at all!!
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They'd have flipped if they knew that my cockatiel is expected to live 20-30 years, and my Pionus will likely live 30-40 years. (I don't have children, but I can't fathom saying to a child, "You're 18 now, so I don't have to deal with you any longer.")

The problem is that our society is so focused on the quick fix, the disposable lifestyle. Thus, for some people, pets, like BIC razors, have become something to keep around until they wear out their *purpose*. Incredible that such people have even any sense of joy in their lives. How sad. And how infuriating

Take care,

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Thanks for your replies all!
Jenk, you are so right about peoples attiudes today, everything is for "here and now" and when it gets inconvenient, they just get rid of it....
Well anyway, I can safely say I won't be doing anything else with these people!! (not that they'd invite me now anyway!! :laughing: )
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I'd have told them off. I had dogs, before I had kids and never considered getting rid of the dogs. My parents raised kids with pets and we're none the worse for it. You just have to train the pets and the kids.
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Bod, I would have left, too. I wouldn't want to spend my time with a bunch of morons who think of their animals as property. And I think I would have told them exactly what I thought before I left. I tend to get angry easily, and then I must rant or else. Your self-control is admirable.
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I would of also left them all with a piece of my mind and a lasting impression. People like that fry me. I don't know how many cats I have gotten because people just dump them off in the middle of nowhere saying "they are a cat, they will survive." It is so far from the truth. The only way a cat can be a good hunter is if it is well fed. Otherwise, it does not have stamina or the energy needed to survive. I would like to dump some of these people out in the middle of a wilderness with no survival tools and see how long they last.
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I would have freaked! I bet none of them would have had ANYTHING to say when I was done with them. You exercised amazing control!
I'd have to have left also! I'm glad there was at least one of you there that night with some common sense!
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I have to agree, you have amazing self control! Of course, I'm not sure how I would have reacted, but I'm sure the look of shock and disgust on my face would have let them know why I was leaving.

Good for you, for not just sitting by silently while they drivelled on and on. At least they knew one person was offended.
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Those people are absolutely horrid. Three cheers to you for leaving instead of just staying and saying nothing!
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I would have shifted over to the cat litter box and wraped up some treats as brownies and put them in there gift bags.

Would have not given any brownies to the Woman with child...Ya know about toxoplasmosis and all.

Just a guys thought.
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What terrible people. I too admire your self control and good on you for leaving!!
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I was astounded to read this post! I would have left after the first few comments. I don't know why, but it somehow seems to be even worse when comments like these are made by women. Why are there so many yukky people in the world? My last fur baby was just left in a rental property. The people just moved and left him! He was about 14 weeks old, according to the vet. How in the world did they expect him to survive? And can you believe they left a can of cheap cat food and a can opener on the front patio?? What?? They expected him to open his own can? My husband turned up to do work on the place and phoned me immediately. I went round and was interviewed by Kitty and he decided to put me on his staff. He is gorgeous but I could weep when I think what might have happened to him.
Diann in Australia
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Diann, that kitty id lucky that your husband found him. Congratulations, on acing your interview!
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