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My cat is pees on my bed

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This behavior started a couple of days ago, first he peed on plastic bags and then he moved on to beds. Just a few mins ago he peed on my bed right infront of me and right in front of the litter box. i don't know if this is him being bad or it's an infection as i have read in the pinned threads. Neko seems like he is doing this on purpose, the litter box was right there in front of him...but he chose the am getting frustrated and sad that hes acting out like this peeing on two other beds and a few other places in just a few days. if it isnt an infection how can i stop this behavior? please help

sorry for the title....i was in a rush, cleaning up the mess and everything
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Well, first off I''d take him to the vet immediately to determine if this is behavioral or if there's something wrong with him! You can't fix the peeing problem if there's something physically wrong.

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go to the vet! My cat started this yesturday and I brought her in right away, she has a really bad bladder infection. Also the vet told me it is very common for some reason this time of year, is you get male or female & how old?
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lol i see so it common ~_~ hes a male about 8 months....unfortunately i can't being him to the vet asap im busy with work and mid terms...hopefully i can bring him soon...T-T this is my first cat and i've had him for about 4 months....i read your topic also and it sounds like you've got the same problem as me...sigh i hope your cat gets better soon
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is he neutered? just be careful about not bringing him soon cuz as was put put to me I did catch it just on time, it is serious what my girl has and would have possibly ended badly.She has to be on a lot of meds too, though i think what she has is more of a female related thing. I'm not sure what to tell you if is behavior, call and speak to a vet or a behaviorist at a shelter or something. Hope all turns out well. Also if it a $ thing look for a vet that can do a payment plan or even a few post dated checks.
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good luck with the boy
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nop hes not neutered yet...thanks same to you
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that could have something to do with it. they do have low costs for that out there too! I really hope it's not a bladder thing for your little guy though. My girl looks like she's in a lot of pain. is he straining when he goes (squatting for an unusual amount of time?)
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im not too sure but it doesnt look like hes in pain nor that he takes a long time to pee...and he pees a large amount just to throw that out there.
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I have gone through this several times over the past years. I can not stress this to you enough. Get this cat to a vet immediately. If you have to make arrangements to drop him off before work or school and pick him up later do it. If you don't have the money right this second, call and ask several vets if they will treat him, borrow it or charge it. I know that sounds embarressing but I had to do that for Kali in 2002. He was urinating outside the litterbox, took him to my vet, got antibiotics and all was well. Then we moved from Germany to Georgia and a few weeks later he started up again. I though it might be stress and decided to observe him closely. We were so broke after moving and paying pet fees we could only afford ramen and tv dinners. Then I saw blood in the litterbox. I called several local vets and asked for their help. That afternoon the vet I had decided they would go to after picking up information packets called back and treated him that afternoon. They mad a payment arrangement.

This could become very serious if he has crystals in his bladder. Male cats are prone to blocking. Last October my Chester cat was in the hospital for two weeks. I don't want to scare you, but when a trained cat starts doing this it is an emergency. Something is wrong. Every day you put off treatment could be complicating things.
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Originally Posted by mojyi View Post
nop hes not neutered yet...thanks same to you
That's very likely your answer. But I agree a vet visit to rule out an UTI is needed asap. If he doesn't have a UTI it's unlikely to stop until he's neutered.
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