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Prince Is Driving Me Nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ok, so here is my story:
Lately the weather has been really really nice! For once my boyfriend and I have a screen door so we can open our door and enjoy some of the nice weather. Well lately (as soon as it got nice out) Prince has been running out the door thru the hole (which I fixed) I also have been letting him out a few times a day just because he wants to go out, and it wont harm anyone, my backyard is fenced in. Well I have the door open tonight and all he does is sit at the door and whine!!!!! it is so annoying!!! my apartment has been locked up all winter and all I want to do is get a little fresh air into my house so I put him in the bathroom and the little devil knows how to open the door so I put something in front of it just for now. I feel bad but I think I deserve to have some fresh air in the house. Has any one experienced this before, and does any one have any advice for me? there is no way I can deal with his crazting meowing all summer, I'll pull my hair out!!!!
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uhmmm, no, no ideas other than to build some sort of cat enclosure. But I can commiserate - my BIL & his g-friend & dog have come to stay here in our in-town house, so I've had to move with my kits to our fixer-upper which would be an outdoor paradise for kitties, except that there's no good yard-dog on duty and the coyotes, owls and mountain lion are a real threat. The result - lots of whiners at the door & arguing amongst each other
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I'll move this to the behaviour forum

I don't find it a problem really?. If i want a door or window open i just put the girls in another room.

Can you not get a more secure screened door?. The thing is he's had a taste of being outside now so that could be playing a part in it?
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