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hungry bites

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Neko has always meowed when he is hungry and I just ignored it and fed him at the right time as always. He noticed he was not getting his point across so not only does he meow but he bites. Now if he wants food he starts by meowing and when that does not work he stretches against my legs and digs his claws into my butt and then resorts to biting me. it does not break the skin and I do not feed him when he does it but it's been a few weeks and he is still doing it. he is generally an "emotional" biter. When he gets a lot of petting and good stuff he feels the need to bite me and when I go to the bathroom he ALWAYS goes and tries to bite the side of my thigh, he likes to bite thighs. Can anyone help with this behavior?
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my grandma's cat does that too.. when he doesn't get fed when he wants it, he bites her ankles... I wish you luck Maxy! I hope things get better!
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I know everyone has their own beliefs about feeding their cats, but personally I just free feed my cat that way I don't have to worry about when he's hungry or not. Fortunetly, he doesn't really over eat --just until he's full and then goes and takes a nap! Maybe he's trying to tell you that your not feeding him enough. Just my opinion But maybe you should ask your vet if your feeding him enough food at each feeding time.
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Maybe he's trying to tell you that your not feeding him enough.
Yeah I'm just following the bag but he usually will just barley finish his food when I give it to him. he eats and leaves some food but I redirect him to it and he finishes. He weighs ten pounds and is a perfect weight or close to being just slightly over weight. maybe I should feed him three times a day instead of two. Look at that, he just clawed me in the butt He has not always done this just recently started.
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Three times is definitely better, but make the portions smaller.
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I don't know about the feeding, but my Juno will lick my lower leg and then try to bite me. Not hard but like a love bite. I tell her no but the next day she's doing it again. This is always in the bathroom when I'm getting ready for work.
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