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pet food recall question

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Does anyone know if the pet food that was recalled could cause problems that do not show up immediately?

I fed my cat some of the recalled foods. Not a lot, and I think I had not fed any for about a month or so before the recall - exept for one pack 3 weeks ago. The oddest thing - right after he ate it he acted really strange - attacked me & someone else pretty bad. He had never acted like that before. After I heard about the recall I couldn't help but wonder if that food had anything to do with his behaviour that day.

I had bloodwork done a week ago and everything was ok. He has not been eating as good as he usually does for the past 6 days though and just acting kind of lethargic. It did warm up quite a bit here around the same time he started doing this - could that possibly be why?

I worry way too much anyway - now I have to worry too about having fed him food with poison in it.
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I'm not sure about how long it could take for symptoms to appear. Just call and ask your vet. They should have the latest info. Since you've had his bloodwork done and had him checked out try not to worry too much. As for him being lethargic, weather could definately cause this. Right now it's not hot enough for air conditioning so we open the windows. The first few days it was hot here you should have seen my cats. They walk really slowly and lay on the floor a lot, especially the tile. The warmer it is in the house the more lazy they get. After all, they are wearing fur body suits.
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I agree, call the vet. Better to err on the side of caution, especially in this case.

There is some question now about what exactly was in the recalled foods that caused the poisoning - it may not be what they originally thought.
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Now, originally, my vet said that any signs of illness from the pet food would show up immediately.. within a few days of feeding it, but this was before the information about aminopterin. I'm not entirely convinced that since a.) they don't know for sure what it is, they can't be sure that b.) small doses of it may not be enough to cause major damage but might do minor damage that doesn't show up... until compounded with something later..

I would imagine, though, that once they know what it is, they'll have a very good idea of how your kitty will react to it and what long term damage it will do, if any.
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But that being said... I think they'd show more blatent signs of sickness if they were in serious danger or being seriously affected by it. It you have a vet visit in the works or have a vet to call... it certainly wouldn't hurt to consult with them.
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