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I've had someone tell me Bio-Spot is the same thing as Frontline & that it works well. I know next to nothing about flea products, I've used Frontline on the dogs, but never done the cats...I plan on starting them on flea preventative this summer. With 5-6 I need something cheap. Drs. Foster & Smith have Bio-Spot & seem to reccomend it.

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bio spot is OTC in petsmart too isnt it?Not sure I guess i am always just a little leery of OTC stuff with flea & Tick
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Please Google Bio-spot. It ISN'T safe for cats (and even some dogs!) It contains the ingredient permethrin, which is toxic to cats. Stick with something that is sold by your vet, that you've used before and know is safe for your kitties. A few dollars saved is absolutely NOT worth the life of your pet!

I use Advantage, because it is the only one that isn't contraindicated for cats with renal failure. I just buy a larger size and divide it between the three cats for cost effective-ness. All you need to do is add up the total weight of all of your kitties and buy the product for dogs that equals that amount and divide it between the whole crew. Cleo is 11 lbs, she needs 0.8 ml, Maggie & Lola are both 8.5 pounds, so they need 0.4 ml (total 1.6 ml.)
I buy the Red for dogs 11-20 pounds, treat my girls and take the leftover portion next door and treat their little Yorkie. I just draw it up from the tube into a 1 cc syringe, to measure it accurately.

Here's the amounts in each size tube (it's all the same product, just differing amounts):
Orange: For Cats Under 9 lbs - contains 0.4 ml
Purple: For cats over 9 lbs - contains 0.8 ml
Teal: For Dogs 11-20 lbs - contains 1.0 ml
Red: For Dogs 21-55 lbs - contains 2.5 mls
Blue: For Dogs over 55 lbs - contains 4.0 mls

Here's the link where I got the info http://www.entirelypets.com/eccon.html#

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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
I've had someone tell me Bio-Spot is the same thing as Frontline & that it works well.
Could you possibly be confusing that with Frontline also being called Frontline Top Spot?
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I've heard horror stories about OTC flea products. Personally I won't touch them. If you are concerned about fleas you can buy flea collars and put them in your vacuum bags. Vacuum frequently and discard the bags immediately. Once a year I apply Fleabusters RX powder http://www.fleabuster.com/ to all ther cat towers and in my bedroom carpet. AllerG also sells a safe natural product http://www.alerg.com/page/A/PROD/DM/AVC1000B that I use to make a spray. I spray it on furniture, drapes and cat beds. Right now I have my six cats on Revolution and it is annoying spending $50- $75 a month on that for indoor only cats. It's better than spending money for vet treatments. You can request your vet write a prescription for your flea control and mail it to an online pharmacy like Doctors Foster and Smith. They often sell the products cheaper than at the vets. DFS also has a fax form your vet can fill out and fax to them so you can order online.
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I like BioSpot - we use it on Keno. She doesn't like the citrus smell too much but it works well for us.

Never used anything on the cats - no problems with fleas

BTW we've had it on Keno and she's been around the cats and NO problems!
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I was leery about the OTC part, but it was a (former) vet tech who told me Bio-Spot was the same as Frontline. I might just go with Revolution.
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