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What exactly IS a Ragamuffin?!

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Basically, there's a few people in town here who mix ragdoll and himalayan cats and call them Ragamuffins. I always was under the impression that a Ragamuffin is a breed of it's own, not a mixing of two other cats...

So tell me!
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Raggamuffins are their own breed, http://cfa.org/breeds/profiles/ragamuffin.html

currently until july they are allowing outcross to persian..but..
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So then these people are NOT breeding Ragamuffins? I'd suspected that.
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You don't cross a ragdoll (pointed) with a himi (pointed) and get a ragamuffin. Ragamuffins are basically any color other then the pointed pattern (like the ragdoll). They are an offshoot of the ragdolls but in other colors.
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The Ragamuffin has championship status in ACFA only, *I believe*, they are a cousin to the Ragdoll, and are their own breed. They are still a new breed, and IMO, are still trying to find a standard that is unique, to progress any further any other cat associations.

I am not sure of how many other breeds are allowable outcross, but Ragdolls are another breed as well that they can use.

A Ragdoll and a Himi, will NEVER make a Ragamuffin, or anything but an unpapered moggie.
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Hi Golden,

The Ragamuffin breeders still have the pointeds as well, and it looks like will continue that way.
I don't know about the majority of the Ragamuffin breeders, I can only speak regarding a few, but some do breed only pointed to non-pointed, to get a mixture of both pointed and non-pointed kittens in each litter.
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I didn't think the pointed gene would be allowed - let me take a look at ACFA's standard

Ok you are right

Every color and pattern is allowable with or without white. Any amount of white is allowed e.g. white spots on paws, back, chest or belly; a blaze, a locket, etc. The degree of symmetry whether in the pattern or the white spotting is of no importance. Nose leather and paw pads are accepted in all colors and in any color combination, not necessarily related to coat color. Cats with white on feet may have pink paw pads or they may be bi-color or multi-colored. Body darkening in older cats; and lighter or incomplete markings in kittens and young cats is allowed.

IMO if they are allowing the pointed pattern in ragmuffins, then what would be so different between them and a ragdoll? I think they should be any color OTHER then the pointed pattern. They need to be more different if they are to be a different breed. Maybe I'd have to see them side by side to tell.....kinda like a first glance between the norweigen forset cat and a maine coon - they look similar. I can tell by head type
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Right now, because of the similarities between the Ragamuffin and the Ragdoll, their advancement has been slow going, and in my opinion, until they start moving away from the Ragdoll look, and quoting the same temperament, I don't foresee them moving forward anytime soon. I do believe they would have a better chance, if they would let go of the pointed color.

Of course, a major argument between Ragdoll and Ragamuffin breeders, is the few Ragdoll breeders who are breeding the "non-pointed, and mink" Ragdolls, they are full SBT status in TICA, but are not accepted in any association for championship status, nor are those Ragdolls of breed standard, as they are not pointed, nor are they blue eyed. Just this year, TICA turned down the advancement of the non-pointed or self-colored Ragdolls (this advancement proposition excluded the Mink color), for championship status, however, I believe they will continue trying for championship status, the majority of the Ragdoll Breeders are opposed to allowing the Non-pointed or Minks in for championship status.
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Ragdolls should remain a POINTED/BICOLOR/MITTED breed - period. Its like in the oriental shorthairs - you still get "pointed" cats cause of the siamese, but they cannot be shown as orientals.

I thought the original intention of having the Ragamuffins was to have a Ragdoll cat that was non pointed - but if they are allowing anything....well.....
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All of the kittens I've seen from these litters are pointed, but lynx point. I think people buy into it because to those uneducated in the purebred cat world, they *look* purebred (people tend to be fooled by points).

Thanks guys, I just wish there were something I could do
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