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Emergency - Breething problem! Please help!  

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my kitten has become sick and aparently she has got rhinotracheitis. This morning I took her to the vet and was medicated but this afternoon she got VERY bad. She wasn't responding, was breething very fast and you could see that she was having dificulty in moving. Now she is in observation with the vet and I fear for her life. Can anyone tell me if she has good chances of survival? Please, I'm so worried about her.

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It's impossible for anyone here to make a call on what her chances are, not knowing the whole story as to what's happening.

She is in the best hands at the vets though, who I'm sure is taking very good care of her.

You did the right thing getting her back to the vets straight away - good luck to her, we'll all be thinking of you and your girl
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Oh I am sorry to hear this sarah is right your kit is in the best place and I am sure they will do all they can for your sweet baby

Lots of get well soon (((((vibes)))))) coming your way

Keep us posted
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((((((( ))))))))))))))) coming your way

You must be sooo worried and that is understandable.

Please keep us posted
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I wanted to know if anyone know about this desiese. She is so small and weak. She is only 2 weeks old (we rescued her) and it can be fatal. I will know for sure if she is going to live in 1:30 or 2 hours.
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Poor thing, you must be sick with worry. I don't have anything to offer except healing vibes.
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I am not familiar with this either but I'll be thinking of your kitty. Please do keep us posted.
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Sending prayers your way.... please let us know how this turns out.
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I am sending you prayers and {{{{{vibes}}}}} for your little one's speedy recovery. I am so glad that you got the kitten to the vets. I hope that you will soon hear good news!
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I'm sorry, she has died I'm still crying a bit but it's ok. At least she had some days of good life. This is a picture of her. Her name was going to be Mia.

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Oh no, I am so sorry to hear that Unfortunately when they are that little and not getting their mum's milk for the antibodies, they are so fragile.

Know that you did absolutely everything you could, and gave her a chance that someone else may not have.

Thank you for caring about this little one.
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oh my, I am sorry to read the update, she is a cute thing

You gave her love and care while you could, she will have passed peacefully and is now running free with all the other special kitties
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I am so sorry It's a virus like the flu, and just like human flu it can be deadly, especially for the little ones or the elderly and frail ones. You did all you could for this little baby, really you couldn't have done any more for her.
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I am so very sorry for your loss of Mia, what a darling little girl. Thankfully you were there when she most needed it and you fought for her. She will be watching over you now

out of deepest respect I will close this thread and have posted a thread in the Rainbow Bridge forum in her honour
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