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Passed out on the floor

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Zebra was passed right out on the floor beside me. Usually if she's near you, as soon as you move she wakes up. I got the camera, turned around and took pictures and she didn't wake up.

When she did finally wake up, she didn't look too happy.

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hey what went on then.............youre not taking photos of me are you ?

what a cutie, give that fluffy tum some scritches from us

p.s. love those pink nails
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What a pretty girl! How dare you disturb her beauty rest with pictures
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what stunning markings she has!
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How dare you wake that sleeping beauty
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She is so fluffy!! I love it when they stretch out like that!
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Zebra was not too happy with the wake-up cute though...
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She looks so cute! I don't blame her for not looking happy when she woke up! I get that same look in the morning!
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She's a love!
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awe zebra u pretty girl u are just too gorgeous, and look at that face, adn that kittie stretches while sleeping, just tooo cute
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whatapretty KIttteey!
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What an adorable girl!

She definitely didn't appreciate being woken up.
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