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I felt so silly!

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I was coming out of a grocery store tonight, and noticed a small orange tabby run across the parking lot. It was miserable and raining, and I felt sorry for it, so since I had just bought cat food, I decided to give it a meal. It was behind a Jiffy Lube with a nice little overhang, out of the rain, so I leaned down and emptied the pouch on the ground next to the building. Then there was a very bright light, and a barked order to "come out with my hands up, turn around and walk backward toward my voice!" Busted! I heard the officer walk up behind me, and he reached up and plucked the empty cat food pouch out of my hand. He started laughing and told me I was free to go. Kitty got a good meal, and Officer Itamura got a giggle. I got the S**t scared out of me!
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:LOL: Poor you!!! Thats what you get for trying to do a good deed!!! :laughing: Bet little kitty was gratefull though!
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LOL!! I'm sorry for laughing but I can only imagine the look on your face, you dirty criminal you!
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I would been pretty startled, too!!! But that was so kind of you to feed the kitty!!!
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The things we go through to help a kitty! LOL I bet the cop was relieved that you were only back there to feed a cat, though!
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