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Young Kittens

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What do you do about all of the young kittens being offered for free in the newspapers that are listed as being 6-8 weeks old? We all know it is best to keep the kittens with the mom until they are between 10-12 weeks old, but not everyone out there knows this and will give away their kittens at such a young age. I myself, got two new kittens last year at 6 weeks of age (Ginger & Fluffy). They are great cats now at 9 months old (both netured and spayed) and did not suffer any lasting mental damage leaving home that soon. If someone was looking for a new kitten to take home should they just steer clear of these ads with kittens that young? Is there anything that can be done to encourage people to keep there kittens with the moms for a lot longer?

Many people come on here saying that they have a new kitten that is 6-8 weeks old and they always get a reply from someone telling them they are too young to be away from the mom. Those people that are giving the kittens away don't know any better. So what should the person wanting a kitten do? Just not take a kitten that is that young? Someone will get these kittens anyway. I was just curious of everyone's opinions of this. How old were your cats when you first adopted them and if they were that young, did they suffer for it? I just don't think it makes a person bad to take in a kitten that young. JMHO! I'm really not trying to start up any controversy.
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i dont think it makes that person bad for taking in a kitten of that age , as long as they are perpared for maybe some issues which isnt always thecase i know.
i have taking on 4 week old kittens due to the ex owners was going away on hoilday and the kennels wouldnt take a mum with kittens!!! iv also taking in 6 week olds and 8 week olds. but your right you hardly ever see ads saying 12 weeks old. people are not stupid if there cat had been to see a vet while pregnant then the vet would normally tell you the age as did mine even though i knew already. and if you really think that someone dosnt know then phone the ad up and say nicely did you know your kittens are still a bit young to be taken from there mum yet , i have done this once or twice the first one said thank you but she already new that , the second told me if i didnt want a kitten then to keep my nose out. so i gave up trying. i have seen some people put ads up in free ads sites saying about that age that kittens should go , but again will they take any notice?

only 1 of mine have a few issues he was 4 weeks old when i took him and his sister in , he is 11 months old now and will still suckle on you both of them dont cover there toilet up even though i tried my hardest to teach them lol. but other then that there great.when lilly had kittens last year i only homed 1 of them to my sister , i let him go at 11 weeks , but i normaly stand by what i say no less then 12 weeks , but lilly didnt want anything to do with them after about 10 weeks stoped nursing stoped cleaning she would hiss at them , so i didnt see the harm , and his happy where he is. he is very hyper but i dont think that is to do with him going before 12 weeks well i say 11 weeks it was more 11 weeks 4 days old.
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IMO I would call the people up and tell them the reason they should hang onto them later. I would NOT take a kitten that young, even tho I could handle it being a breeder. I would want to educate the person giving away the kittens.

The barn kittens were kept till 9-10 weeks old in the house, then adopted out.

My pedigree kittens NEVER went to new homes till 4 months old!

I've seen too many neurotic kittens/cats with bad habits and in most of the cases they were under 10 weeks old when adopted. People don't want to take the time to socialize kittens from mixed breed litters - they are NO different (the kittens) from a litter of pedigrees as far as I'm concerned. Most people don't want the extra expense of care - so they pawn them off on others who will take them that young - they honestly don't care what happens to the kitten.
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My sister got a kitten a 4 weeks, but the people that was taking care of this litter of kittens, they found them abandoned, and they took the kittens in, and my sister got Storm, at 4 weeks, still wanting to suckle on something though. And Hunter and Lucky were about 7 or 8 weeks when we found them both. Maybe 12 weeks or so, Hunter was big though. But when Mika has her kittens, I am not going to let them go until 8 or 12 weeks. Not sure which.. I am not too worried about that now. I want them to get the best out of when they are with their mother. But, I don't know, there are a lot of kittens given away at 6 weeks.
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i always make sure that they have both shots done , fleed , wormed a genral health check there fed on a good quilty kitten food plus some to take to there new homes with , i have also given toys to the new home socialised them with other cats and children ( i dont own a dog) i know people tell me but there just moggys , but they deserve the best start in life that i can give them regardles or what breed they are.
i also get leaflets from the vets to give to the new owners. i know i havnt homed many kittens and only homed 1 from lillys litter , but i have taken in very young litters with or without there mum , and i still do the same. we cant S/N here untill 6 months old , so i give them a voucher with part payment and i follow up on them to make sure there done.
but i agree most people dont want the expense of caring for kittens untill the right age , some just see money signs. i have only ever charged £30 for a kitten , but i would not give to just anyone. i only charge a small fee that goes to the rescue i work with. i dont let my animals breed , but i take in strays or other peoples cats who cant cope or cant be bothered no more.
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Well this might not be what others do but I do... If I see one or 2 kittens I am so bad I will take them because most of the time I am told they will go to the shelter.. I take them and wait 4 weeks and then adopt them out. I actually know like 7 cats in the neighbor hood personally they where mine first lol. I will also tell most of them that people would take the kittens when they are a few weeks older because then they will be litter trainned well and more sociable and well mannered... I will do what ever to make sure the young ones get a chance.
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