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I completly understand you not wanting to give her up to an animal shelter. It would seriousely kill me. You are not a horrible person for tha. And I know that if you would give her up, then she probably would find a good home. But I don't think anyone could love her as much as you do. I know noone could ever love Keisha like I do. I also know that you are doing the best you can for her. So keep on doing that

And for everyone else,
-no shes not fixed,
-yes she probably should have been,
-yes mika could probably have a better home (living inside)
-yes alot of bad situations could come up during birth/labor
-yes it would be better for her to have them inside
-no she probably shouldn't go against her mothers words
-yes hershey may harm the kittens (notintentially)
-no it wouldn't be the best for her to have her babies in dog house
Thats all been stated. And its all true. It doesn't need to be said again. She gets the point.
We need to respect Spiritas decision, in not wanting to give her cat up, and support her with her questions.
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Spirita, I totally understand how you wouldn't want to surrender Mika to a rescue or shelter, even though you acknowledge that the situation is less than ideal...it's not your fault! As a young person who has limited resources and jurisdiction in your home, you're doing the best you can with what you have...we applaud that much! I also respect that you're respecting your parent's rules, however misguided they may be in terms of caring for a pregnant cat.

I would definitely look into having your sister temporarily "foster" Mika inside, or look into having a reliable neighbor do so...do you have any good friends at school that you could ask? Explain the situation, and either you or your mother could speak with your friend's parents about becoming a temporary shelter or foster home for Mika and her kittens. If someone agrees, perhaps you could put part of your allowance or paycheck (if you do start working) toward bottles for the kittens, food, KMR, litter, etc. Or, you could even ask some of your teachers if they'd be willing to temporarily do this for you! I'm a teacher, and I'd be more than happy to foster a pregnant momma cat for one of my kiddos, and gladly help with something like this...

If you go to church, or belong to any other extracurricular groups or clubs, perhaps someone there could temporarily help you with your situation as well. Make it clear to everyone that it's for Mika's and the kittens' welfare, and that you will be responsible for re-homing the kittens. Please also understand that since Mika is pregnant, all of the kittens will need to be checked out by a vet, checked for parasites, ear mites, de-wormed, and vaccinated. How do you plan to pay for this? You have several weeks to save some money for this, or bargain with your mom on how to pay for this expense...the time to think about these things is NOW, rather than wonder how it will be done later.

Remember, we're here! We're always around for suggestions, or for ways to help...you CAN do this, and improve the outcome for Mika and her babies. There's still a lot of options available for you.
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Wookie made some very good points above. If you can find someone to tepmorary let her live with them, that would be awesome. Are your next door neighbors nice? Because, then you would have easy access to them.
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