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Am I over feeding kitty?

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I had some great food advice from Epona and my kitty is now eating a pouch of hi-life and a pouch of Natures Menu a day, I serve them throughout the day half a pouch at a time and always have some Royal Canin kitten dry out for him!!! My gorgeaus kitty is a six month old male. The thing is is that he seems to be getting through his wet pouches a lot quicker now!!! So I am now left with half a pouch for the rest of the day and it is only 1.00pm!!!! He meows in the kitchen and says he's hungry. He does have his dry food though. Should I stay just giving him two pouches a day and then let him just have the dry or should i increase the amount of wet? He much prefers the wet!!! I am not sure, he is not over weight at all and he has been for a trot round the garden today as super active!!! I just want to make sure he is getting the right amount of food and that I am not under or over feeding him. Hehehehe, he has found the cat nip box and is doing his best to indulge!!!! Will mention that he did have cat flu when I got him so maybe he is making up for lost time or something!!! Poor little boy had it bad and couldn't eat that much as sore throat and no sense of smell or taste!!!!
Advice would be very helpful!!!
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I use a baby scale to keep track of my cat's weight so that I will know if I am over feeding them. I found mine at a garage sale very cheap. I got it mainly because I wanted to keep track of Persi's weight as he was a kitten, but now that he seems to be fully grown, I find the scales very handy to make sure I am not feeding them too much because I let both of them eat from a tray that is never empty.
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