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well, I did not get dvr, because I have a vcr and web tv, but apparently there is not a code for the webtv that will control the direct tv. webtv is sattelite compatible but directv is not listed as a mfg. and none of the 51 generic codes controls it. webtv did pick up the listings so I can use that for reminders, but cannot turn it off.

IAM REALLY TICKED that I cannot record one show and watch another at the same time. I don't want to have to get the DVR and add another 6 dollars to the bill, when I have been able to do that before. I will have to record on another tv, plus to set this to record, I will have to set the vcr with webtv, and then set direct tv to autotune to the show for the same time.

Anyone out there know the mfg of directv dish, so I can see if they ahve a code? for webtv. Directv people apparently have never heard of webtv. I don't know if that will help with recording though, probably just turning it off.

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I work in customer service for Directv, so if you will tell me exactly what you need and what it is for, I will see if I can find out for you. I have never heard of anyone asking that question, so it may be just as simple as looking in our troubleshooting program.
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Thank you KrazyKat, that is very generous of you.
I have talked to tech support of directv and webtv and the conclusion is the two are not compatible.

It might help if I knew the mfg. of the directv dish, and is there any configuration where I can watch one station and tape another at the same time, without having to buy a dvr? I think if I could control the directv with my webtv, I would be able to do that. Webtv lists 20 mfg. of satellite dishes, and directv is not one of them. They all have codes to program into the webtv so that webtv can operate the reciever. without a code, I am sol.
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