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Oh My, Oh My, I Hate Spiders!

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Ok, I just went into the bathroom and freaked out! In the tub was this spider that was relatively big! I have this phobia fear of them and now all the lights are on, have no idea how I am going to get back to sleep! Completely freaked right now!!!!!!
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Want to see the one that i had in my house the other week?. I think it came looking for it's wife that came to visit from a few days before

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I don't like spiders either, but I am less afraid of them than I am snakes.
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But they are such great playthings for cats! At least for Persi, he will bat them around quite a long time and amuse himself a great deal until he finally kills it.
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Sho will kill them if he gets to them first. One evening I looked over to see a large wolf spider crawl up on the bed, and it started towards DH. Sho jumped up and grabbed it off the bed then squished it.
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Windex is great for spiders.

Dance spidey, dance!
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Egh! Spiders I really dislike....along with plants.

So the other day at work I decided to water my co-worker's plants....(I was bored). So I water this one and it went and overflowed on top of her bookcase! So I had to pick up the dreaded plant to dry everything off....and a spider ran out from UNDER it! There were 3 of us in the office at the moment....all screaming or shrieking in some form or another! I've still got the Hebe-Jeeves just thinking about it!
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I hate all spiders, big or small...YIKES!!!!
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Ok! Enough is enough! I just found another one! Also pretty big! I would say with leg span, both at least a 50 cent piece! AHHHHHH!
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dont suppose saying dont worry about them, they wont eat much will help

heyu is my spider killer, no bug is safe in the house. Maybe your cat will chase them ?
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