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Cozmo not growing,,,,

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Hi, I am starting to get worried about Cozmo, He is not sick but he don't seem to be growing like I feel he should be. He has been eating Nutro indoor and Maxximum indoor. I emailed the Girl I got him from and asked how Cozmo's brother is doing since she she still has him. It sounds as though Cozmo is much smaller than his brother, Cozmo has long legs and a long body but he is so thin. The person I got him from thinks that he should still be on a good kitten food to be sure he is getting all the stuff he needs to grow normally. I am not sure how old he really is, when I got him I was told he was about 4 or maybe 5 months old, but when he had his surgery they asked the girl I got him from his birthday {she works at the vets office I go to} and she gave a birth month that made him much older than she first told me.

Anyway my point to all this is what is a good food for kitten/young cats? Or maybe I should ask which ones to stay away from? Now with all this recall stuff going on I am more confused than I normally am on what to feed him. He eats all the time but he is also very active and he has not gained any weight from the neutering like some of our other cats have. How long should they be on kitten food ? Or is it different for each cat? I don't know what he weighs right now but he don't feel very heavy. He is not starving , I mean you can't see his ribs or anything like that but he is so thin compared to our other cats were when they were growing up.

I feel bad that I may have not been feeding him good enough stuff to grow up nice and strong and healthy as he could be. Maybe he will aways be on the small side and thin I don't know, thats why I asked about his brother.
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Tom, I wouldnt be to worried about him.. 2 of our 6 are long legged n thin (just like thier mother cat was). Remember the old say, no 2 cats are alike. If if concernse you check with your vet. Keep him on the kitten food up until Dec. In winter time months around here, cause it can get pretty cold, I mix kitten food in with the adult food just as an extra boost to put weight on mine..
As long as he is eating, n usin the litter box n runnin around n acting like a normal healthy kitten, then he should be fine.
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My kitty (boy) just turned one and was fed Nutro dry (Max and Choice) Kitten food -- I just now bought him Nutro Adult. He was 4 lbs when I got him (at 4 months) and is now about 12 1/2 lbs. He grew just fine on Nutro kitten food. As long as he likes it, I would keep him on it. My kitty also gets various canned foods twice a day.

How I weigh my kitty is by stepping the scale holding him and then weighing myself without hold him -- just do the math.
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How old do you think he is approximately now? Our Smudge is nearly 8 months old, still looks very much like a kitten, and has stayed the same weight for a while now.

She doesn't get any kitten specific food, and hasn't in a while, but she always got premium dry and wet food which was suitable for kittens, and she always got plenty of it - she's a little piggy... She weighs about 8lbs and I don't think she'll get much bigger.

Approximately how old is he now? Look at the food you're giving him or have been giving him - does it say suitable for cats and kittens? Providing he gets as much food as he wants, I'm sure he'll be fine. He might just be a skinny boy, or he might take a while to fill out.
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I think he is about 9 or 10 months now. There is dry food out all the time for them so he eats when ever he wants to. Yvonne had to pick up some dog food today so she got a bag of Nutro Max Cat kitten food for him. I hope he eats it.
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If he gets all the food he wants, I'm sure he's fine What does he weigh?
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I don't know what he weighs, but he grown some in the last month or so, he is still thin but he has real long legs and he is getting longer also. So I guess he is doing OK.
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yeah I know what you mean my cat is thin like that and has not been growing much. He's 9 months and only about 5 pounds. He's Siamese but he's supposed to be traditional. He is poorly bred though so who knows how big he is actually supposed to be. If he's healthy then there should be noting to worry about.
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Hi again, I was on the scale and picked up Cozmo and he is heavier than I thought he was, we don't have a digital scale so it was hard to get a exact number but he is about 9 to 10 lbs already. I didn't think he was this heavy, he sure don't look it. Tuffy on his best day was only a little over 11 lbs but he was a small cat, but he was all muscle and strong as a ox. Cozmo looks so thin and fragile compared to what Tuffy looked like.
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my Ceasar is long & lanky and about that same weight. I got 2 big fat cats, and 2 very petite little girls. they all more or less eat the same thing (except for one). your little guy probably just has a higher matabolism , and often at I think 2-3 they fatten up for some reason (so I'm told!)
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