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My Dad Could Use Some Good Thoughts

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Several weeks ago, I posted in one of the daily threads about my dad's recent hospitalization following a mild heart attack. Since then, he has been doing well, but some cardiac tests have indicated the need for a second angioplasty, (the first one was done about 10 years ago.) He is scheduled for the procedure this Wednesday, and he hopes to be released from the hospital the following day. Please keep him in your thoughts.
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good thoughts and prayers headed your way!
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Lorie, you and your family will be in my thoughts and I hope all goes well on Wednesday.
post #4 of 23 thoughts and prayers are with your Father and your entire family. I will be thinking of you all and sending positive energy your Dad's way on Wednesday. Please let us know how it goes.
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Lorie! I am so sorry and understand your concern.
I have a feeling your Dad will be just fine. My husband had this done a year and 1/2 ago and his heart is the better for it. They put in some stents to keep the arteries open.
I will be pryaing for you and your dad and will be anxious to hear how he makes out!
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Good thoughts and prayers from me, too. Please let us know how his surgery goes. How is your husband doing after his back surgery? I hope he's ok.
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Lorie - good vibes and prayers for your dad, you and the rest of your family.

All the best.
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Good thoughts and prayers going out for you and your family!!
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Krazy Kat2
You have me confused with LDG. We do have the same first name, but she's the one whose husband has had back surgery.
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Keeping you and Dad in my thoughts!
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Sending up prayers for your dad!!! Please let us know how it goes on Wednesday!!!
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I'll keep your family in my toughts. Positive, healthy energy coming to your Dad, and the rest of your family.
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May God be with you and him during this hard time....
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Lorie, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your dad/family for tomorrow.
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My dad has had to go through the same type of surgery.
Sending a bunch of good wishes your way.
Hope it all goes smoothly and he gets much better.
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Larie - I will be keeping your dad in my thoughts and prayers today!
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How did it go??? I have been thinking of him today!!!
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Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers. The surgery was delayed for awhile this morning because of a heavy patient load. But once they got started, everything went very smoothly, and all the blockages were removed. Dad's recovering well and he's being released tomorrow! Thanks again!
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Great news Lorie!! so pleased it went smoothly and your Dad is recovering!!
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I'm so glad to hear it went well! Give him a hug from us!!
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I haven't been able to check in lately, so sorry I'm late! But I've got your Dad in my thoughts and prayers. I hope all went well?

...and Krazy Kat2, all did go fine with my hubby's surgery, thanks for asking! He's been taking physical therapy pretty seriously (which is a major step for him!). He's been off the walker for a while, and just recently progressed from two canes to one. He's been out trapping cats, and gets daily smiles from feeding our feral family.

Lorie - please keep us posted.


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Dummy me, didn't read page 2!!

I'm SO GLAD all went well!!!!!!

Please accept the hugs anyway!

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Lorie, My prayers are certainly with your father now, and will be until we hear he has returned to normal after his successful surgery. Sometimes what seems to be a curse turns into a blessing. If he needed angioplasty and didn't know it, this might be one of those times. God bless.
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