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Constipation/Intestinal Blockage?

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December 1 - took our cat to the vet as she was having diarrhea, but very small quantities - she was also vomitting and quickly becoming very dehydrated. We took her to the vet - she spent the night - was given an xray where they found fecal material built up in the colon cavity. She was given an enema and sent home the next day. Seemed fine the day we got her home. 36 hours later - same symptoms - trying to poop but very small quantities - no appetite. Took her back to the vet, he prescribed antibiotics - she helped her appetite and she began eating again, but still very little poop (sometimes none at all). She finished the antibiotics, stopped eating again - still same pooping thing. I took her back at which point she again is getting very dehydrated. She was given an anti-diarrhoetic - which did nothing at all for her. I brought her back the next day - the vet said without spending about $300 more on testing (we have already spent $400) there is not much that can be done and even after spending the additional for testing - doesn't mean we won't have to put her down anyway. She is 10 years old and it seems no matter which way we look at it, we will have to put her down. Anyone out there with a similar experience, who might be able to offer some advice (I so desperately want her to live). Thank you!!
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I have seen similar things working in a vets office. From what you have written, the vet has not told you what it is for sure. I will say I have seen many cats diagnosed properly and treated. The only thing I can suggest is maybe find another vet and get a second oppinion. There is always an option. 10 years is not very old when considered most cats live 15 to 20 years. My oldest cat that is being treated at the vet is 23 and has been living with diabetes for 12 years. I hope everything turns out okay for you!!!
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Any news Debbie?

I do hope you can work something out. As Sandie says, nowdays many cats live into their twenties, so she may still have many years ahead of her.
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I am sorry to hear of your cat's problems. You went to the vet spent some good money, and didn't get any real answers. You can always go to another vet. I think I would.
It sounds to me like the constipation is the problem and not the diarrhea. She would need lots of fluids and only canned and raw foods until she gets over this. It could be from hairballs which is causing the biggest part of the obstruction. Green grass always helps. A cat that has the opporatunity to "graze" does not normally have these kinds of problems. You can also try some of the various hairball remedies.
Is it possible that she ate something undigestiable such as a toy? This could be causing an obstruction, in which case she would need surgery. An Xray should be able to see something like this.
Good luck, and let us know.
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I have recently had the same constipation problem with our 5 yr old calico. She was a stray and has always had problems (doesn't walk apparently because her mother had distemper) and she also has occasional seizures so she is on a mixture of valium and pheonbarbitol (a very happy cat!!) Just before Christmas she went for a general check up as she wasn't eating and the vet found her colon totally full. She kept her in overnight, gave her an enema and IV fluids and Niblette came home the next day. Over the next few days while she would urinate she wouldn't do anything else - panic starts to set in as she was by now eating very healthly.

I was browsing through another cat health site and wish I could remember which one it was, and came across some questions and answers to a vet. On the subject of constipation there were several questions from cat owners and in almost all the replies the vet suggested one of two things 1) one quarter teaspoon of psyllium such as Metamucil mixed in with food once a day or 2) two tablespoons of canned pumpkin filling once a day mixed with food.

Well to say I was sceptical is an understatement, I knew the canned pumpkin was out just because of the quantity. So the only Metamucil I could find was the orange flavour. Well I started off by mixing just a little amount with Niblette's food and after a couple of trys she would eat. Then over this past weekend I found an orignal flavour own brand in my local CVS so now Niblette has no idea what is in her food and IT WORKS!! It has taken all in all about two weeks but I was at the stage where I would try anything. I have a brilliant vet whom I trust completely but didn't particularly want to put Niblette on more medication if I didn't have to.

So, perhaps this might be something you could try! Good luck.

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