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As you all know, i had an interview last wednesday in sanding/furniture detailing. The boss told me he would call me later in the day to tell me when i could come in this week for a paid trial day, to see how i would go with it. So i waited...and waited...i called my job agency on Thursday so they could contact him and talk to him. Nothing. I called him friday and he wasnt there, so i left a message for him to call me back. Nothing. I called my job agency today (so i've given him at least 4 full working days to get to me) and they said they were already going to call him on another matter, and that they or he would get back to me today. Still nothing!!!

So i've made 3 phone calls in a week, to show i am interested in the job. The interview itself went really well. Females were encouraged, he even mentioned overtime to me if i wanted. He has been reviewing other people as well but i have given him a week when he said id be called the same day!!!

I am so annoyed.
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sorry, i hate it when looking for work and stuff like that happens.
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Sorry sweetie. Hang in there~even though its tough.
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I am so sorry that you are getting the run-around! It can be so very frustrating - but hang in there, sometimes other things are going on with regards to the person that you interviewed with. I would not give up hope. Maybe you could send a quick follow-up letter to him!
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That's ok. Sometimes that happens especially if they're swamped with interviews.

I'm sending vibes your way that hopefully you get a call soon!
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Ok. SO i spent two weeks chasing them and got no replies. Then Easter week everyone was off for holidays so no phone calls. I was meant to get a call 4 days ago when everyone was back. Nothing. I called and was told i will be called by the end of the week, but if i wasn't, that i should ring back by 1pm today. Of course, i had to call them. 4 weeks later and i finally got somewhere! Next Thursday i go in for my trial day. A whole paid day, just to see if it is the right job for me, then i see what happens from there. It is sanding and detailing furniture that is distributed around the state. Not as glamourous as a checkout chick, but i can't argue if i want to move out with Tristan. I now have a whole week for freak out. And i have to be there at 7:50am!!!! *cries*
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Ohh good luck with this whole job thing! i know how much of a pain it is because I thought i had a good real job untill it went downhill and now im in the process of applying for other language schools so i can actually make money! eh... Its a bumma
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