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Kitten biting me

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My kitten (female) Emma is nearly a year old and we've had her since a few weeks after her birth. She is completely adorable and loves to play (as kittens do), but she has this problem with biting whenever she gets too playful. I don't think she has all of her teeth and she's probably teething, but she can get really carnivorous with what I figured was just playful gnawing/teething. I fear that when her teeth do get stronger, she'll still bite the hand that feeds her (ha) but the consequences for that hand will be much worse. Any suggestions as to what I should do? Is this biting out of anger all? Much thanks.
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Hmmmm yes I do know what it is like when they get older and bigger teeth, hee hee i have the marks to prove it!!

I went out and got humphrey lot of hard toys so he could use his teeth on them instead of us, LOL

It worked for him and he only bites now when he playing if we dont get out of the way!!

Good Luck, try some harder toys for kit to get the teeth into

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nope, she is playing,. What most here will tell you is that when she starts to bite.
Stop playing with her. Put her down. ignore her. even put her in a room with her toys food litter etc,by herself to work out all the kitty engery . Get some wand toys, to play with her. she will get the idea that its not a good thing.

I seem to be different here, then most. I play kinda rough with my cats, both know what the world no, or stop mean. and if they bite to hard, i tell them no or stop and they do. Sometimes giving that confused look. lol i have had friends think my cat is about to eat me, with they way her ear pin back and runs and jumps on me, how she goes looking for a ear to chew on. the only time, i have seen blood is when i get dumb and forget to trim her back claws. that is me. The kitten eazy is learning,
this morning he was chasing the hand monster under the cover and never once used his claws when he would jump on me.

Like i said most will tell you do the first steps, that way she wont scare any of your friends.
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I used to worry about this with my two boy cats. They both are very violent, adept scrappers, so biting my hand is nothing new to them! I had considered buying toy gloves and/or discouraging them from biting at all...

But then I realized..

Well, it's really not that big of a deal! Of course, this is a personal choice. I've always felt that biting is their own way of showing fun/affection and that I should honor that in my own way. Personally, I'm OK with a little bit of biting, and even a little bit of skin piercing.

But this is definitely something I think you should consider for YOURSELF. Just as every cat is different, every cat keeper can tolerate different levels of integration.

The bottom line is: How can yo and your cats best co-exist?

REMEMBER: This is very important! YOU are top Cat! You have to decide what the rules are. This is actually the most difficult step to take for anybody. Once you've decided what the rules are, enforcing them should be a piece of cake.
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What I usually do is whine, yelp or scream depending on how hard they bite then stop playing with them and grumble a little. When playing roughly I use the glove with pom poms or the kitten mitten, never hands. After a while they have learned how hard they can bite and usually just nibble lightly. Once in a while they get frisky and will bite too hard then I whine then the make up with me by kissing or rubbung me. Whatever you decide to do, be consistent.
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