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Hypo Humphrey!

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He is at this present time charging around the living room!!!

I dropped kids off to school, came home to Humphrey wanting to challenge me to a race to see who could get through the front door first!

Then we started off him charging through the cat flap,under the kids beds, then under the kitchen table. I then found his toys to play with him at which point he was skidding along the hallway!

Now he has zoomed outta the cat flap at 100 MPH!!

LOL I thought kids were hard work

Oh well at least he got personality
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eheh, i just love when my two seem to think the steps are race track
and they run from end of the house to the other just as fast as they can
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I cannot help but wondering how old Humphrey is.
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awww he sounds like a little treasure!
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Humphrey has just turned 1 years of age!

Think he worn himself out today, he flat out asleep now in his bed, bless
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bless him, he is certainly full of it .............think we need photos
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Not sure i have done this right, let me know!!

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well it didnt load for me but thats not cos it was wrong, it was just waiting and waiting - so problem is something at my end

If you use the last code that photobucket generates under each photo - you can post the photo direct into here....its the IMG code - just copy it and then paste and hey presto the photo will be there

I will try later to see if I can get it to load
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Is this right???


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Awwwwww there he is

Well here he is, Humphrey

Not a great pic but doing some more. Now I know how to do it!!!!!!!


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hi there Humphrey
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yay, finally I can now see Humphrey and he's black !! just like my little Teddy - he is a sweetie
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I wish I could take a photo of him now as he stretched out on his back flat out asleep!!

He is so like Teddy you are right
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