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Kitten Question

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Hope this is the right place for this question.

Just picked up a new 8 week old kitten tonight. Right now she is sleeping on my chest while at my desk but how do I keep her separate and comfy for tonight? I can put her in bathroom but don't have heater for in there/no heating pads. Really isn't cold here, but don't want her to get chilled. Would a big snuggly blanket be warm enough? Will she know to use it? Will she be okay by herself while I sleep?

I will be better prepared tomorrow.

I have to work tomorrow. Will she be scared if I leave her alone in bathroom all day?

I feel silly asking these questions - just don't want to screw up too badly, for her sake.
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Mister was 8 weeks when we got him and he had no problem staying in the bathroom, we put a blanket in a cardboard box for him and he snuggled himself in.
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I would confine the kitten to one room if you are not there to supervise him. Put a small towel or blanket in a cardboard box with a side low enough to climb in and out. Put the litter pan and food and water bowls in there too.

Later you can shop for a nice snuggle kitty bed at WalMart or Petsmart/Petco

BTW where did you get your kitten from - ideally they should stay with mom and siblings till a minimum of 10-12 weeks old for proper social and mental development.
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Leaving her in the bathroom should be ok. But like the others said...make sure she has a good snuggle blanket and box or something to sleep in.
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