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Colin is building Sophie the bunny a new cage! Any ideas???

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Colin is being really sweet today. I guess he heard my mom and I talking the other day because he said that he was going to build our rabbit Sophie a new cage I'm sooo excited! She needs a bigger one. She is actually not in her cage much. She's indoors only- so a lot of the time she has full run of our duplex right along with our kitties and our wolf mix at my mom's house. When I finish moving everything into Colin's house, I will also be taking Abilene, Isabella, and Jasmine with me. MY mom will be keeping out wolf mix (she's my mom's baby) Abilene...also her baby, and Sophie the bunny. Sophie and Abilene are sooooooo bonded together that it would be cruel to seperate them. So i will be taking 3 and my mom will be keeping 3 furbabies. Colin is planning on building Sophie a new cage this week that is really spacious for when she does need to go in her cage to sleep at night. So far we are planning on it being 50" long, 26" deep and two stories with a little ramp she can climb up to the second floor. Also, a tray that pulls out on the bottom so we can clean out her cage easily, and soft flooring so she won't hurt her paw pads. Other than that, we are open for suggestions/ideas- any advice would be great! Feel free to post pictures of cages you/someone has built as well
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wow that sounds great, i dont know the measurments of my cage, but what u said sounds pretty right, well at the bottom we actually have 2 trays and well we got ghetto we had to use a lid to one of those storage things and then a tray from her old cage! But she has the ramp, and 2 stories and everything ! but I am not sure at all on the measurments Id measure for u but...i have no idea were the tape measurer is at !! But so far everything u said sounds good!
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this is what she's in now- it's gotten way too small for her

the new measurements for the new one would be much bigger
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well i hope that comes with digital cable TV and Ac
so you lock the bunny up at night?
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Here's a type of cage that's easy to build and really neat.

I had one like that backwhen I had my rabbit.

Mine wasn't really a cage (it didn't close) but you can build this any way you want. Works best if the rabbit is litter trained.
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Thankyou everyone for the responses!!! Just to clear up a few things- Sophie is litter trained- so that helps keep her living area clean Also- she has full run of the house during the day - she has a MASSIVE little play pen she plays in with her litter pan, food, water, toys, and cave to hide in. She also runs around with my cats and my wolf mix She's best friends with my kitty Abilene (why my mom is keeping them- those two would be absolutely miserable without one another if they were seperated). She also is leash/harness trained and goes for walks out in the garden when the weather is nice / She is indoors only and spayed. Now that she's full grown though- she's needing a bigger cage. She stays in her cage at night when we sleep. (she gets a bit rowdy otherwise) But during the day she's not in her cage much. We are planning on building a nice two story type cage for her with a ramp she can hop up on to the 2nd story. We are thinking to make the frame out of rabbit friendly wire (and the sides (in a place that she can not chew) out of wood. He is also going to build a stand for it. It's going to be 50" long and 26" deep approx. for the space he's building it to fit into She's going to LOVE her new cage when it's all finished
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but you forgot to say if you are putting in cable and AC for the poor wabbit when its locked in jail each night
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
but you forgot to say if you are putting in cable and AC for the poor wabbit when its locked in jail each night
Are you kidding me?????? I don't even have cable / AC is a given though- she's indoors only When I first adopted her i made the mistake of letting her sleep in the bed with me at night- haha NEVER do that with a rabbit!!!! She completely ignored her litter pan and peed and pooed all over my bed! She also did some major demo on the house (haha which according to all the guidelines i had read -WAS rabbit proof So let's just say my little long ears sleeps in her cage at night)
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My only experience is with chinchilla cages, but one thing that might work for a bunny that my chins love is wood levels. If you build the cage with an extra "perch" or level/floor that is wood (Petco sells a very small version of what I'm trying to describe called "Leapin' Ledges" that is removable and replaceable, it works perfectly to satisfy their need to chew, their desire to be up high, and the need to have a comfy place to sit. Of course, I don't know if those needs and desires apply to your Sophie, but if so, you might want to try it!

And when she chews right through it, just put in a new one! I have three chinchillas, and only seldom have to replace their floors.
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Bruce, you can't put cable in a bunny cage...they'd chew right through it!!

Sophie's new cage sounds wonderful. I'm sure she'll love it. Hearing about her and Abilene makes me miss my RB Hunny Bunny. She was also a free-running house rabbit, and she was Tailer's best friend and surrogate mother.
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I love NIC cube cages, and they're so easy and inexpensive! Here's a website with tons of examples for rabbits and guinea pigs, as well as instructions and help with finding supply sources.

Here's a pic of one of my older cage. I think it cost about $45 to build.

One of my current pens, also ridiculously cheap!
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