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A question about laptops

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With some luck, I'll be able to get a brand new laptop soon

I have a question... I would really like to buy one that is very compact and portable (since I like to walk everywhere and I don't want to carry more weight on my back than I have to) but I am concerned that I would get tired of working on a small screen.

My current computer has a nice LCD monitor... would I be able to connect that monitor to the laptop somehow?
What about mouse and keyboard? Ok, I'm pretty sure I can connect a real mouse to a laptop... but what about a keyboard?

Basically, I guess I want all the advantages of both a desktop and a laptop, but on the same computer.
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ok the mouse part is no big deal, to use a LCD monitor and normal keyboard you would in most cases have to get what is called a docking station, with video. most of the good ones will run you around 100 US dollars.

desktops, more easy to work on, cheaper, and most can be upgraded.but hard to carry to class with you.

laptops to me seem to be a little slower, and cost more money. But you can of course carry it around with you.

does that help any?
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