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Anyone ever eat to the point...

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where you get so full you feel like you will explode?? Geez...I feel awful! I know I ate way too much. My problem is I'm so used to eating once I get home from work that by then I'm starving.
I just don't like to waste food, but I have my limits! This is the reason I can't lose the weight I want....I have a serious addiction to food! Can anyone else relate??
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Yes!! Anytime we go out to eat Sea food, I eat until I about burst and then I suffer for a few hours.
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hehe. yeah I can. Sometimes I just have weeks where I want to do nothing but eat and then and not hungry at all for awhile. I do that at restaurants al lot . I cant stand just leaving the food but I know if I take it home it wont be as yummy as it was.
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thats me all the way, I am always hungry tho and eating and then once dinners here and I try to finish the most that i can (u should see when we order pizza, I can eat alot and thats usually whenever I stuff myself so much )
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I always eat too much at Pizza Hut. And chinese food.
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Pizza is always my downfall. Last week I hadn't eaten all day and ate too much pizza and actually made myself puke sick with overeating. Bluh! Other than that I do pretty well since I quit eating chips (because I would eat the whole bag so now I just don't buy them!)
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Pizza is really my downfall! I can eat almost a whole pizza by myself....I also like korean food...I stick mostly to bulgogi, etc. I especially love sticky rice.
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If I were in Texas, eating BBQ'd ribs or Tex-Mex, that would be very possible!
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If there is Italian food involved- count me in!
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Ohh I love bulgogi! Its been a while since i had it last.

I used to eat like that sometimes, but for the last few months, my appetite hasn't been very good - I can't seem to eat that well anymore, and I can't seem to get an interest in some of my favourite foods. Oh well.
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Yeah on my birthday. We went to this beautiful resteraunt, and i couldn't decide between the 200gm rump steak, or the 400gm....i had the 400gm lol

Boy did i regret that, i was waddling!
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Oh, all the time! I have one of those stupid stomaches that, no matter how slowly I eat, I'll be starving and starving, and then WHAM, all of a sudden, the next bite, I'm STUFFED. It sucks!

Then of course, since I love the taste of food, I have to cram in a few more bites...
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
I always eat too much at Pizza Hut. And chinese food.
Pizza Hut is my downfall too, as well as Old Country Buffet
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It's been known to happen, but not often. I'm not a fast eater, so my system does have a chance to send the "full" message before I'm bursting.
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Eating too fast is part of my problem too. All those years of waitressing and trying to eat on the run! Now I have a desk job and snack all day
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