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Need Photos

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Hi there,
For a Turkish Online Pet Magazine I need pictures of sphynx and elongate cats like rex or siamesse. If you have any, I would appreciate.

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I noticed that you have received no replies and I think it is because the forum you have posted to is not visited that much. I think you may be able to post this in "The Cat Lounge" where many, many more people will see it. Give it a try, anyway because I know there are members on here that have the breeds you mention.
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Could you just use images from the internet? I guess they might be copyrighted. Wait for Goldenkitty to reply, she used to breed rexes (I think).
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I don't have any he can use - I have a few professional ones of Spooky but they are copywrited by the photographer. That's why I didn't reply
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I posted in lounge too. Hoping someone with these breeds sees this thread.
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I have two Cornish rexes but not being photo literate and not a breeder I don't have any professional photos of them or know how to get you my personal photos of them. What I have are just casual pictures of them.

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I am not looking for professional photos, casual photos are welcomed. If you want them to appear on the site, please send it to admin@petdunyam.com with your full name and your cats names.
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