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There's a certain type of cat madness that I tend to call "going raaaa!!!" It's basically that very amusing completely mad murderous frenzy that cats can get into when playing.

So to celebrate that aspect of our cats as well here are a few pictures of Nikita going RAAAA!!!

I took this one today

This one is a bit older

..and she was just a 4-5 month kitten in these: RAAAA!!

She's older now (around 14 months so still a young cat) and she's still going raaaa! every day

Feel free to add your own "Raaaaa!!" photos here if you have some. I did a brief search but didn't see another thread like this. If there is, then oops.
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Goodness! What a beautiful baby you have!
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WOW! Someone needs a nail trimming! Yikes!
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btw, Nikita as in Russian name?
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Fantastic photos of a beautiful cat - I especially love the first one, it depicts the whole 'Raaaaa' phenomenon beautifully, just paws and claws Alas I don't have any pics that sum it up as beautifully and succinctly as that!

Here are my 'Raaaaa' contributions (mostly Radar, he's more 'Raaaaa' than Sonic, although the little kitty does have his moments, just that they are too fast to catch on camera):

Radar killing the sock monster:

Don't touch my belly! (overdue for a manicure):

Defending The Large Box - his ears are flattened, everyone step away from the box, I said Step Away From The Box:

Sonic killing the bag monster:
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haha. those are very cute.

I wish I could capture my fiances cat being playful but he is just too quick.
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Oh my ... your cats are soooooo beautiful... all of them...
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I have a few Raaaa moments as well.


Mocha as a baby

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Ohhh look at Nikita's Bengal spots!!!! How gorgeous! I bet you can't help but constantly rub her tummy
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heyu going, my box get away

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Oh, your Nikita so beautiful and very striking! What kind of cat is she?

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Here's a raaaaaa from inside the tunnel :P

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What beautiful, playful kitties you all have!

I can never get pictures of Evie's Raaaa moments- I'm too busy trying not be eaten!
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