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Hello again everyone! Question about the babies

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Well, the babies are now exactly 2 weeks old (will post pics in a bit.) 3 of them, Splotch, Bullseye and Patrick all have 1 eye that keeps getting glued shut. I take a washcloth and warm water and clean them out, then they stay open till the next nap. The vet's is out of the question, b/c hubby is now out of work and we are both searching for jobs. What else can I do?
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Just be persistant for now - what color is the gunk gluing them shut? Are the eyes actually infected or is it just goopy stuff that will pass? Sometimes the babies will scramble for position to nurse and a claw hooks an eyelid or something and you get a little goop, but most often they don't become infected ...
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but all of them are a bit lined around the eyes with black. Just their markings. Natural eye-liner! lol!

BUT! I have pics! here are some...more coming!

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*giggle* They are very, very cute. Can't tell from the pictures too much if this really is a problem for the vet, but during the time eyes are opening, it really is common for them to have a little drainage. So long as you aren't seeing lots and lots of thick grayish or green discharge, you should be fine just swabbing the eyes with a warm damp cotton gauze.
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mostly Black is Tuck
Gray is Shady
pastel calico is Sandy
Black/white with brown nose is Patrick
Striped one is Stripes
Black/white mostly white is Bullseye
Black/white mostly black is Splotch

If you can view my album it will be easier...name of it on photobucket is NadineF_photos
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cute! But, what I have been told, the more you handle them, the sicker they will be? I don't know, my grandma has kept telling me that. That has been what I have been told growing up with barn cats. But, yes be persistant, in what you are doing. They are adorable! I'll take one, when they are ready! lol, jk, can't. But they are adorable! (again) lol
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I am basically her mom. I am really the only one in our house of 5 (people that is) who she will cuddle with or climb up on to be pet. She always lets me mess with the kittens. If she doesn't want me to she makes it clear by standing in front of the box to block the opening or by giving me a look and bathing them immediately. Mostly though, I can clean, pet and cuddle them. They are getting SO cute! A couple of them will lay on their backs and swat at my fingers. Stripes is the paranoid one. She will hiss like crazy if you startle her or basically for any reason. I am thinking of renaming her python. Also, is it okay that momma leaves the for stretches of time? It is really warm in our room and she wants to wander some. As long as she keeps going back I let her. Mostly she does it when they were just fed and/or sleeping.
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yes its fine for mum to leave them for peirods of time , as long as she goes back lol. and iv always handled kittens from birth as long as the mother trusts you i dont see a problem , and none of ours have ever been sick once born.
by the way , lovely pictures there getting so big now.
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They are adorable! Such a sweet pile of kitties

Couple more weeks and they are going to be a handful!
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