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Update on my SIL

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They did the angioplasty this morning he had about a 90% blockage in one artery They put a stint in that one, and 2 more have some blockage that will be dealt with soon. I couldn't get much out of my daughter as she was crying and she's scared. I told her Lets be feeling better now that is done and that he didn't have a Major Heart attack from it, She will call me later when she gets home from Anaheim, they are going to keep him there at least overnight I don't know if he will be going home from there or back to the Hospital here,
I was going to go with her but I have not been able to move all day there's something wrong with my back and I have no idea what the heck that is, I can't even bend it's so stiff in the small of my back. and the heating pad is not helping at all. Thanks for all the Kind words and Prayers guys..
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Lots of for you and your family, you really are having a tough time.
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Sending prayers to you and your family. I hope that your back feels better, as well!
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Many many and prayers!! Many vibes for you and your back. Hope it gets better soon!!
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Glad to hear he's finally getting some help, Lois.

Gentle for that back to feel better!
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Awww Lois, I hope you feel better soon..I am still sending vibes for your SIL
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Lois, glad to hear they found that blockage and have taken care of it...How scary I'm sorry about your back, hope you are feeling better soon
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Sending lots of vibes and prayers for your SIL, and also for your back!
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Hes doing ok just weak and dizzy. But he's doing ok I may try and go see him if I can move with my back, so thats a bit of good news
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I'm sending feel better vibes to you for your back (sleep with a pillow under your knees) and get healthy vibes to your SIL and family.
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