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RIP Riley

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Riley was a 7 year old Neopolitan Mastiff who passed away suddenly last week. He originally belonged to my friend, but when her neighbours complained about being afraid of Riley, he was given to some of her close friends who owned a 100 acre farm. Riley was a gentle giant with a heart as big as he was. When his owners went away for a 2 week vacation they left him in the care of friends along with some kibble and a case of wet food. Sadly they didn't know anything about the recall till after they got back and realized that Riley was very sick. Riley died from kidney failure in their arms. They are feeling overwhelmed with guilt and anger at the moment. I would ask your prayers for Riley and all the other animals that have passed or are still fighting for life after being poisoned by the tainted pet food.

I wish Riley peace, and may he play happily over the Rainbow Bridge. May his family find comfort in knowing that Riley lived a full and well loved 7 years. And may the industry learn an important lesson from this, and help to prevent this from ever happening again.
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Oh no!! That is so sad. I am praying for Rileys family, and friends as well.

Play happily Riley...go find Skeeter, I am sure he would be glad to play ball or tug of war with you.

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I am so sorry to hear about the loss of this wonderful animal. I know that Riley is over the Bridge, and playing happily with his friends.
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I'm very sorry to hear about this. This is a very difficult time, but here's a reminder that any and all deaths or illness related to tainted pet food need to be reported to the FDA. I hope his family or their vet will take time to do this.
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Oh no, how tragic. RIP Riley. Play happily at RB sweet one.
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I am so sorry to hear about Riley, that is just so sad.

Play over at the Bridge Riley, and go find my beloved Sambo, he will play with you.

RIP Riley
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I am so very sorry. Rest in peace, sweet Riley!
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Sorry to hear about Riley. Play happily at the Bridge, darlin'.
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Oh my that is so sad my thoughts are with the family that must be such a hard thing to deal with

RIP Sweet Riley, play happily over the Bridge, my RB dog Roger will be there to have fun with you
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I'm so sorry. I can understand their anger and guilt and I don't blame them one bit. RIP little Riley.
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Rest in Peace Riley
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Oh my goodness that's so tragic I really hope we don't have more babies who have been hit by this horrible situation

Have a wonderful time at the bridge Riley, you were to young to leave your family

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I'm so sorry.

RIP Riley
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How sad! Rest peacefully, Riley! Your life ended too soon!
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