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Problem on what to feed my old cat

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Just curious if anyone had any suggestions. My cat is just around the corner of 17 years old and is starting to have problems with hard food. At this point more of the food ends up getting spilled all over the floor than eaten because he has such a hard time chewing it. I've fed him some wet food in the past but it seems that no matter what brand or kind I try, wet food always gives him diarrhea. I tried feeding him the moist kibble type of food but he is a grazer and will only eat a few bites here and there. If I fill the bowl with moist food, it gets hard and he won't eat it. If I try to just give him a little of the moist food at a time he eats it all and whines until you are giving him the moist food every 30 minutes or so. Any suggestions on what I can do for the old guy?
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you need a vet before advise .. find out why he is having trouble with dry ... yes wet is best but you NEED A VET ( ps I aint yelling)
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Originally Posted by Persi View Post
I do know that when I go to PetCo and other cat food stores that I see all kinds of foods specially formulated for senior cats. I find it strange that there are so very many formulas; for instance, I feed mine "indoor cat" food. But you may want to check the merits of the various senior cat foods as a starting point. We have specialists on this site that should be along soon to give you a more specific answer.
I will happily if you can give me what the vet says ...
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Of course see your vet to rule out illness or dental disease. Try feeding the wet food on a set schedule. If you allow him to beg and get more you'll create a monster. Decide how many meals a day he will get and then decide on what times and stick to it. He should adapt. Then again he might be too old and set in his ways You can try.
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I may sound pessimistic, but at 17, I would think he's going to start slowing down on everything, including eating.
He might have a bad tooth, or just no appetite.
It might be perfectly normal for a cat his age to lose interest in food.
If I were you, I'd see the vet, have his teeth checked, and then follow the doc's advice...
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