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How many???

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I haven't seen anything other than there were 15 animals deceased from this food contamination. You know that's a bunch of crap. I bet there will be 100's of thousands. Just about every brand of food was affected. Hi end foods etc. I am soooo grateful I wasn't feeding gravy type foods, and the case of food I have now is ok. I am putting off buying new food until these two cases are done. thats 48 cans, that gives me 28 days, not much time for improvements.
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I'm guessing there are countless numbers. I'm sure many went unreported and were confused with other things. It's very sad. Right now i'm not giving my furbabies ANY soft food reguardless of brand until this whole thing blows over. Since i do foster- there are certain kittens of mine that do need a softer food to eat before they can go onto dry. So i've been making baked chicken (boneless and skinless) and plain white rice and blending that together in a broth (all vet approved so it won't hurt their stomachs) and giving that to them as they need it. I've been making up enough to freeze ahead so i have some if i need it. That seems to be working really well so far! Also, i belive it was Sharky who had some other recipes....you might ask her about them
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One doctor is claiming hundreds so far...

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http://www.petconnection.com/blog/ is claiming 1,981 unofficial
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