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My kitten is goofy! Why?

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Ok here goes! I have a 7 month old female Calico kitten named Nollee! She was a feral rescue that I adopted! When I got her she was very timid but would consistently let me hold her... A couple days after I got her she would run whenever you walk past her as if she was in fear! This may be do to all the vet trips she had to go to and medication treatments she had on a daily basis, and not to mention she was feral (I would hide too after all that harrassment we had to put her through)! She is getting better but still runs on occassion? I am assuming this will improve over time (only had her a little over a month)! Lately she seems to come up to me (which she never does) whenever I take a potty break late at night... So I pick her up and bring her to bed! Its all love and cuddles until she starts rapidly eating my hair, licking my earlobes, forehead, and lips... attacking me feet (which is frustrating) and sometimes she latches on to my arm like its a nipple (lol think she was weened a little early)! Anyways she is just overall hyper and crazy, always doing flips and acting a fool! Is she just a nut or do you think she may becoming comfortable with her new living spot? Also how do I get her to chill on attacking the feet! Closing the bedroom door isnt an option since we are in limited space as is and my 5 year old cat will throw a fit, scratch the door constantly, and meow till the sun comes up... She does it too! i usually tell her no and get her off of my bed! She thinks its a game cuz she jumps right back up and is at it again! I dont mind but I do have to sleep sometimes... I understand she is a kitten and this is what they do... Are there any tricks to settle it down a notch?
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hello I find that getting squirted with water helps with no-no's with my 2
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Actually, she sounds wonderful!

She's just being a kitten, and she will settle down with time. Just be patient with her - I think it sounds like she is developing a really strong bond with you, and that's just the best!

As far as attacking the bed mice, I mean feet, well, I would yell OUCH! and then turn my back on her, literally. Do this enough times, she'll get the idea!
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Well to straight forward, answer your question. You kitten is goofy because she's a kitten, there doesn't need to be another reason.

If she was feral born and is now snuggling and kissing on you that's great! Can you toss an extra blanket over your feet at night? Just fold one in half and put it on the foot of the bed. At the very least it will blunt her attacks some.

Some cats, even if very friendly, will back away when you're walking. More so if you're moving fast or walking heavy. She'll get used to you (sounds like she already is ) and eventually won't mind you walking around her so much. Her being more friendly at night is normal too, that's when cats are most active.
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LOL thanks! I dont want to squirt her with water yet since she has seemed traumatized enough in the past month! That is highly recommended tho! Ill try the ouch thing... I usually say it cuz it really does hurt! Im enjoying that we are getting closer... My little cuddlebug makes me so happy but geeze shes rough for only being 5 pounds! She attacks my 15 pound cat like she owns the place! Its funny how crazy she is... We have bar stools at our breakfast bar and she uses them as a jungle gym... Flips off of them, climbs all over them and under them! Shes a real nut! Very entertaining!
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I think she was running so much partly because we were always picking her up and giving her meds! In the month I have had her she has needed to take amoxicillin, treatment for a scratch in her eye, two distemper shots (boosters), 5 vet trips, and ringworm treatment of her ear! So not only were people new and fresh to her but in her eyes we were torcher objects! Im glad she is getting better! She is alot better with me but not my bf so much! She is scared of him but he doesnt spend time with her like I do! I will try the extra blanket! She also likes to sleep on my legs and when Im lying on my side shell lie on top of my side! What a weirdo? Wish she wasnt such a hair monster (I only have so much hair and I'd like to keep it)!
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I'd advise against spraying water. If you get any in her ears that can cause a bad infection. Bijou was similar to this as a kitten, so I found that if I stopped moving and saying ouch or no very loudly, he got the idea. Now that he is past being a kitten (well past) he is very gentle and doesn't scratch or bite. He does still have a little suckle on my neck and try to lick my eyelids before he goes to sleep with his little head on my pillow, stretched out facing me though.
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Yeah tried the not moving thing and it doesnt work! She is looney! You dont have to move at all and she attacks! I read that the squirt bottle is not an effective method so I have never used it! I think time will be the solution to this problem! Every now and then my 5 year old cat still attacks! She only nibbles when she bites (onyl does this when attacking legs and feet)! Other than that she has never bite me or intentionally scratched me! Shes a pretty good cat... Just very needy of me at the worst time of night! I dont get much sleep with her! I suppose it is worth it though!
post #9 of 17 only had her a month. She will outgrow a lot of her kitten behavior. I wouldn't change a thing. she needs unconditional love.
Oh, but if she is nursing on you, you can gently nudge her head between her eyes, pushing her head away. This is how mother teaches them to stop. It works.
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wow...please don't tell my kitties that getting squirted with water is not very effective. I like being able to teach them to stay out of trouble and not get hurt.
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Originally Posted by gailuvscats View Post only had her a month. She will outgrow a lot of her kitten behavior.
Tomas is around 8 months now? (doesn't seem that long!) and I still get woke up every morning by super snuggly, 'let me bite you on the chin' kitten.

Originally Posted by tekgrl View Post
wow...please don't tell my kitties that getting squirted with water is not very effective.
Someone told Tomas I would squirt him whenever he'd dig at closet doors, now he just sits there and lets me soak his butt. Then comes over and sits in my lap wet. I suppose it works on less stubborn cats.
I wouldn't suggest it if your aim is bad or if your cat is semi feral/skittish.
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Relax I didnt say it was ineffective I said I read that it wasnt and can actually traumatize some cats...

The Water Squirter/Can Shaking
This is probably one of the best-known techniques of negative reinforcement. The idea here is for the cat owner to always be on guard, ready with a squirt bottle, an empty soda can with some coins in it, or even a compressed air can. As soon as the cat performs the forbidden act, you're supposed to apply the instrument of choice and either spray the cat with some water (never directly on its face), or simply "blow the horn" and create some loud sudden noise, hopefully without kitty seeing it was you who operated the nasty thing.

While this method can be very effective with some cats, I usually don't recommend using it, for several reasons. First, it could possibly associate you, the cat owner, with the punishment. Ideally, anyone using this method should try to attract as little attention to herself or himself as possible, and make the squirt bottle or "noise can" as disassociated from themselves as possible. In reality, this is extremely difficult to achieve, as most owners project their own nervousness and agitation into the process. Secondly, in terms of consistency, this method is far from perfect. It's difficult to be on the alert at all times, or even to be around at all times, and you end up with having a non-consistent pattern. Thirdly, and not less important, the water spray and loud noises can be too stressful for some cats.
I got this article off of this website:

With how timid my feral kitten is already I wont use it upon her! I dont want her to associate that kind of punishment as negative with me! I never said it was wrong so take no offense... Its not for everyone! My bf does it with our older cat on occasion and that is his choice and it works for him since he is use to that method!
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First of all, your kitten sounds like a love!

To discourage the attacking your feet in bed, I'd recommend playing with her for 10 to 15 minutes before you go to bed. Use a wand toy or a red dot (laser toy) to get her running around a lot. If she's just had lots of play before bedtime, she'll be less inclined to want to play while you're in bed. (And the laser toy usually drives cats nuts - and you can play while lying in bed and she can run around the room chasing it).

Also, I totally agree with Gail's advice - you do need to help her learn that suckling on your arm isn't OK.

"Teaching" cats to do or not do things is best done in their own language and with positive reinforcement. Any time she's being good, doing something right, using the litter box, &etc., tell her she's a good girl. To discourage her from doing things - like attacking your feet, exploring garbage cans, &etc., blowing a short, sharp, puff of air directly into her face - even hissing at her - is the best form of discouragement. It takes a few days or a week, but kitty (usually) learns the lesson. It is a language they understand. I keep an air can handy for when kitties are on counters they're not supposed to be or tipping over a garbage can. If you use an air can, make sure NEVER to point it at kitty, because it can freeze them.

Ming Loy KNOWS the little garbage can next to my side of the bed is NOT a toy, it is NOT a box, and it is NOT for her. She didn't respond to the short sharp puff of air in the face after a week, so I started using the air can. I'd shoot it at the garbage can, not her. It took 2 days, and Ming Loy doesn't play with it anymore.

Flowerbelle sleeps on my legs, inbetween my legs, on my side when I'm on my side. She weighs 7 pounds, so it's not so bad. For about a week I kept waking up with the WORST back ache. Hubby and I could not figure it out! That night, hubby woke up to find the problem - Sheldon, a 14 pound cat, was sleeping on my back! Gary gently pushed him off - and thankfully he stopped doing it.

BUT - I have really long hair. I woke up one night to my hair all spread out to one side, and he was digging at it (many cats like to "dig" a nest before they lie down). I thought it was hysterical - but didn't want to encourage it. So I blew in his face. It only took that once.

Cats are just fun and amazing creatures! Your kitty will calm down with time. She's just a toddler-equivalent right now.

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Oooo, yes, I have to agree with Laurie on one specific tip, especially since your girl is semi-feral: Hissing WORKS!

I never used it as a deterrant until I brought home Ferris, who was a feral rescue, and it would stop him in his TRACKS. I soon after found out that it also worked well on my Ginger, who was domestic born but a shelter kitty. I didn't hiss at her until she was already over a year old, but it worked IMMEDIATELY.

I guess the idea is to make a cat behave, your best bet is to act like a momcat would.
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You're stories were funny and cute! I think Id be afraid to hiss at the little one she's so wicked! Ill definitley blow in her face... I dont know why I didnt think of that sooner since we do that to Tiger in such situations! The suckling I didn't let fly, I said ouch and no... she hasnt done it since! That's not a habit I want her to have and it doesnt feel good! I read an article about using air cans (not directly pointed at the cat) for a no no signal! Great Great advice!
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Oh my goodness the picture you posted of Nollee in your first post is just adorable. She sounds like a real sweetheart- and a real character. I totally agree that it's just her being a nutty kitten and she'll likely calm down a bit once she's older (I've got two 7-month olds and they show no signs of slowing down anytime soon, but they're good fun so I love it).

Don't get discouraged if your little one takes awhile to learn when you try to teach her the things you don't like. Maybe my boys are unusually slow and stubborn, but it sure took me awhile to get it into their heads that feet are not for attacking, and we're still trying to learn that ears are not for nursing.
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Thanks I think she is cute too! She is so little! She is only 4 pounds at 7 months, the vets said she is just really petite but healthy! Im going to try hissing when she is being a sass... Lol she's not gonna know what hit her! I love her playful attitude just dont appreciate being attacked at 4am! She usually wears herself out by the time I go to bed and then is rearin to go again anywhere between 3 am and later! Im happy she is playful and becoming less timid! Im her only owner besides her rescue and she wasnt rescued until she was close to 6 months! So it was a challenge but it is getting better! She approaches me now to be picked up and brought to bed and always has to be in the bathroom with me! Im so happy my little buddy is coming around!
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