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Need many. many vibes for Shoops

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We noticed Saturday that Shoops (our Male ferret who is about 10 years old) was straining to go potty but couldn't. This continued to get worse all night as he would move from spot to spot and try again. Over Sunday and yesterday he wouldn't eat but did drink some water. He just looked so sick I honestly didn't think he'd make it to today.

Our regular vet doesn't have Sunday hours so my sister tried desperately to find a vet who would see him and she would up calling 12 different vets but they either weren't in or didn't work with ferrets.

Then Monday at the vet clinic we use, the ferret doc wasn't in so he had an emergecy appt this morning. His adrenal(s) are very enlarged and it is affecting his prostate. He isn't in good enough health right now for surgery.

They are keeping him and giving him fluids and will try to get his strength up enough so he can withstand the surgery.

Vibes would be very appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

Here's his pic

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He is so cute I hope he gets better.
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Sending prayers and hugs from Mississippi for Shoops, please let us know how he is doing.

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Diane, Shoops is adorable, Bless his heart Many vibes for your baby
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What an absolutely beauty! Alley & Persi are sending you their special vibes, spinning your way from their vibrating spiral.
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Originally Posted by Anakat View Post
He is so cute I hope he gets better.
he is a real cutie! good luck with his health - prayers & vibes headed your way from here...
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Oh Shoops, many healing <<vibes>> are being sent your way..Hang in there baby..
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Come on Shoops! you can make it! get better soon baby
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Thanks everyone. He may be at the vet for a week so it will be a long ordeal for him. I'll keep you updated as I find things out.
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{{{Vibes}}} for poor Shoops!
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Thanks so much for the good vibes everyone!!

Shoops had his surgery today and it went well. The vet was very pleased with how well he did! He is being kept over night to be given pain meds and antibiotics. He may be coming home tomorrow.

My sister and I went to see him this evening and he was still out of it from the pain meds and anesthesia but he looked good and his incision looked good.

Only yucky thing was the vet had to show us Shoop's tumor, it was about the size of a small grape!

Thanks again everyone!
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Hopefully Shoops will heal well!
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Glad he is doing well
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So glad to hear that Shoops came through the surgery well, and that he is under good pain control...more healing vibes coming from us to you.
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