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Hey Stitchers out there!

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One of our newer member, KittyCatty, emailed me about how much we have in common, and one of those things is cross stitching. Got me thinking about the Biographies thread and that there are a lot of us with this same hobby.

What are you working on? How many WIPs (work in progress) do you have? Any UFOs (unfinished objects)? Who are your favorite designers?
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Oops, I just realized I didn't answer any of my own questions!

I'm currently working on a kit called "Bookends" which is of three kitties playing in a bookshelf. It is pretty big, about 11"x15" or so. We thought it would look good by our many bookshelves. I'm going to have to put it down for a while, though, as Christmas is coming and I just got the Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments issue, and have about 10 of those picked out for presents. Those should go pretty fast, since they are all under 5"x5".

WIPs - I've got about 1/4 of Mirabilia's The Kiss done, and it will probably take a couple more years to finish that one! It is beautiful, but I have to be in a serious stitching mood to work on that one, with very few distractions. My other WIP is Theresa Wentzler's Peacock Tapestry which I started before I knew how hard it is. Now that I know, I'm a bit intimidated by it, but I will get back to it eventually.

My one UFO is an ornament I started last year of a kitty looking out a window. It is really cute, but I just can't motivate myself to work on it.

My two main favorite designers are Mirabilia and Theresa Wentzler, but I also like Lavendar and Lace, the whole Cattitudes series, Callico Crossroads, and Kitty and Me.
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I have an unfinished Winnie the Pooh one that I will never finish, unfortunatley I dont have anyone to help me with it, so it's just sitting. If someone is willing to finish it, I will ship it to them.
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I'm working on some patterns of my own. I got a really cool program for the computer called PC Stitch, so I make my own patterns. I'm currently working on a PowerPuff Girls pattern I made, and another project I'm working on (slowly, as it's a surprise for Mike, and I can only work on it while he's not home) is an anime character called Mihoshi from an anime called Tenchi Muyo, if that means anything to anyone. Once I get those projects done, I want to make one of my kitties. That's the neat thing about the program, I can take any picture--scanned, a digital pic taken with my digital camera, or a picture I get off the web (like the 2 I'm working on), and import it into the program. I specify the maximum number of colors, up to 200, and it'll turn it into a pattern, and tell you what floss #'s you need! It's awesome. You can also edit the patterns, change colors, etc.
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Heidi!! I LOVE Mirabilia and Lavender Lace too!!!( I aslo love Lanarte (sp?!?) have a look if you haven't seen anything by them.. they are soo good). I have just completed a rather large peice of beadwork - the entire picture is made out of beads, no actual stitches at all, it looks pretty good!! (Though I have NO idea what I'm going to do with it as it doesn't match any of our rooms?!?!? ah well)
I also have a beautiful Mirabilia cross stitch to do - I can't remember what its actualyl called right now, but its a lady sat in a ball gown with lots of glitter and bead word detail... trouble is, its soooo gorgeous, I'm too scared to start it!!! :laughing:
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Tigger - what kind of help do you need to finish it?? Anything we can help with??

Myste - that PC programme sounds fantastic!! I bought one ages ago, but its useless, and I can't use it properly anyway, it doesn't do half the things your's does!!! Maybe I'll have to purchase it..... (shh!!)
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Ooo! I found a picture of the Mirabilia one I have!! Its called Summer Queen:

And, if you're interested, heres a link to the site: http://www.mirabilia.com/crossIndex.html

And this is one of my fave pics by Lanarte :

And this is the site for Lanarte pics: http://www.cross-stitch.ch/index.html
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Oh my gosh I love them!

I just bought a sewing machine. I am working on curtains for my show cage.
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Rhea, the Mirabilia designs aren't that hard, per se, just very time consuming. The Kiss was actually the first project on linen I have worked on. I wish I had gotten evenweave instead, but I'm too far into it now.

Bengal Cats, I'm envious that you can sew! I have an old sewing machine, but I can't sew to save my life.

Here's a pic of The Kiss. I'm done with the sky and their faces, but obviously have a long way to go!

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Heidi, I love that pic!! YOu must post a pic of yours!! Now and when its done!! Actually, there is a HUUGE Hobbycraft show here in a few weeks time, I go every year and its wonderful, they have all the Mirabilia patterns and sets, so I will no doubt, come home with another one I'm too scared to try!! :laughing: But you know what, now I feel like getting it out and having a go when I get home tonight!!

Nicole... I like to make things with a sewing machine too - nothing too advanced though, cushions, table cloths and tab top curtains are my limit.. haha, now, all I need is a sewing machine!!

BTW, Heidi, did you buy The Kiss as a complete kit?? Or did you buy the pattern, threads and hessian seperately?? Just wondering because I bought the kit and I THINK it came with evenweave.. (could be wrong though.) I'll have to check tonight...
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I got everything separately, exactly what the pattern called for which was a pretty light pink linen. The linen isn't too bad except that the material varies so much in width that it makes counting the over twos a pain, especially when I'm going over 5-10 stitches. It does look very nice when it is finished on linen, though.

You may be waiting a few years before I can post a finished pic of that one! LOL I've been working on it off and on for a couple years, I think. My problem is that I find smaller projects, less difficult projects, so I take a break from The Kiss. Then there's Christmas, or someone's birthday that I have to do something for. Then all of a sudden its been 3 months since I worked on it. I have to really concentrate to do the over twos on the linen, too, so I can always find an excuse not to work on it after work. I'm horrible. I will try to dig it out and get a pic as it is now.
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Yes, I too am a cross stitch addict! Mind you, nothing as spectacular as what I see posted here! I saw a few familiar names in the posts! I am currently working on a pattern from a magazine. It's a dovecote on blue linen and I'll make it into a cushion. I've also recently taken up quilting and just finished one for my gorgeous grandson. Kitties and cross stitch - my passions!
Diann in Australia
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Diann, I usually prefer doing smaller less complex ones too - you se results much quicker!!

Heidi, I looked at my Mirabilia one last night (yes, LOOKED only.. ) and I was wrong - it came with white linen!?! Oh no!! :laughing: I spent about an hour getting it all out and set up and looking over the pattern.... then, I picked up the needle, held it for a while... and packed it all away again!! :laughing2 Its just that first stitch I can't bring myself to do!!
BTW, sorry for being dumb, but by "over 2's" I take it you mean your stitches are over two squares??
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Diann, I usually do smaller things, too. Like I said, I've been working on the Mirabilia design for a couple years now, and still am only to their faces!

Rhea, linen isn't that bad, it just takes a while to get used to working on it if you don't usually use it. Yes, over two is making the X over 2 squares, so it's really an X over 4 squares since each leg is over 2. Does that make any sense?!? It isn't too difficult, just takes some getting used to, and 1/4 stiches are a breeze! I got started on the Mirabilia and the Teresa Wentzler not too long after I started stitching, so I didn't know I should be intimidated by them! Just take the plunge and get started Rhea! It really is rewarding when you start seeing something that beautiful taking shape, and knowing it was your hand that made it.

Here's the other main project I'm working on. It is a Heritage Collection, and although it is big it is pretty easy. It's done on 14 count Aida. I started on the lower left corner, and I have the two books and about 1/2 of the cat done.I can't wait to finish the first kitty so I don't just have a kitty butt! LOL
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YOu know Heidi, its a good job you started this thread becasue on my pattern it says Two over Two - I had no idea what that meant!?!? haha!! It didn't even say "to be stitched 2 over 2", if it had said that I might have got the right idea!!! haha, so, thanks you just saved me an EXPENSIVE mistake!!

I think I will have another go at starting it again tonight!! :laughing: I WILL make that first sticth, I WILL!
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I was always nervous of linen too, probably because my first effort was a Christmas card on navy linen and since I'm as blind as a bat, it wasn't a joyful experience! However, I was moaning about linen and big projects to a fellow stitcher and she gave me these wise words "It's just a stitch at a time like any other project." Well! That just really worked for me and I now love linen. Give it a try. You will enjoy it once you get used to it.
Diann in Australia
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