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Radio question of the day: 03-27-07

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What is the one thing you keep putting off and off and off.......
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Starting a diet! So far i'm doing ok though, but i had a minor hiccup towards the weekend last week
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Going through our walk in closet and throwing away a BUNCH of things.
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Buying new shoes! I really need them, but every time I have just enough money together something happens!
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Homework..mainly essays *sigh* and since I've been so bogged down in school and family "stuff", I haven't been to the gym since Nov. *double sigh*
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a) clearing up the spare bedroom
b) tidying up my beard
c) learning Spanish
d) getting a new job

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Going on a diet or going back to college.
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exercising, I've decided that i need to do that as it seems I cannot stop stuffing my face

oh, and posting pics of my kitties
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Getting my car repaired...It is SO broken its not even funny...I would rather buy another, but it looks as though that won't happen soon
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
oh, and posting pics of my kitties
I won't forget to keep reminding you!

My homework. I know I need to do it & I'll get it done, but I'd rather wait until the last minute!
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Originally Posted by crittermom View Post
Going through our walk in closet and throwing away a BUNCH of things.
Oh, god, yes! I've dropped several clothing sizes since last summer (and J's lost even more!), and I really need to go through our closet and collect stuff we're never gonna wear again. Most of it should be in good shape, so we can give it away to Value Village or the Salvation Army. It's just finding the motivation to do it that's hard. Maybe next week, when I'm off ...

Oh, who am I kidding? I'll be playing World of Warcraft next week ...
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Cleaning. And getting a road bike. And a lot of other little things.
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Organizing our closets
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1. finish moving everything out of my duplex and into Colins house (waiting for him to finish the attic and spare bedroom so we have storage.) Once that's done i'm moving 3 of my girl kitties with me

2. writing a certified letter to my gym to cancel my membership when it's up (i need to get on that soon!)

3. buying some new clothes- i really should get some more.

4. going back to the podiatrist to get my foot fixed yet again.

5. file for my tax id number so i can get things set up and in order for when i start my own business

6. working in the garden- i need to add some new plants/etc and get ready for spring/summer

7. Umm yeah, i need to exercise too list goes on and on especially since i've been sick all week and not able to drive or do much.
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Getting off the computer and doing anything else Also doing my OT excercises.
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1. Working on business mileage for taxes-DONE!!!
2. Finding a new doctor as I have a new health plan and then actually making an appt for "the works"!
3. Dropping some tonnage.
4. Have to start seeds tomorrow, really!!
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Originally Posted by GailC View Post
3. Dropping some tonnage.
That struck me as funny!
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Learning how to drive! I am sooooooooo scared! I had my permit since November and haven't been out yet.

I forgot to mention I am 29.
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Buying batteries for my camera so I can post pics of the boys, and cleaning
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Hmmm....thats alot of things for work....working out! hmm....idk what else but those are my main ones

Almost forgot to add uploading photos to photobucket
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Working on the answer key to a new textbook for work....but I can't help it! The only time I get to do it is after work here at home!
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Only ONE???
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Changing my direct deposit for work! I had to change accounts so now I get checks and I need to go and turn in my paperwork to get direct deposit again... but I'd have to go to the main office after work, in rush hour traffic... I've been postponing it for a month now!
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Today? Um....working. (I'm SO wishing I was on Spring Break!)


Updating the websites. I WILL get at least one of them updated this week!

Doing a full cleaning of the living room.

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