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new addition to family

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In about 2 weeks,a newly weaned kitten will join my family which includes a 10 and 14yr cat.Is there anything special that I should do to make this transition easier.My 2 cats have been together for 10yrs.Also what is the best food for all involved which falls within my budget
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Well, as for the budget, what is your budget?
When bringing the kitten home, it is best to keep the kitten in a seperate room for a week or so. This way the older ones can smell under the door. You can take the kitten out for a little while and let the other ones snoop. This makes for a much easier transition.
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Have a look at this thread about the best kind of cat food -

And welcome to the forums!
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You will find using a premium cat food for your new kitty will eventually save you money because they eat less and it is healthier for them - preventing many diseases caused by the cheaper foods. I feed Nutro - for all my rescues, show cats and ferals - it maintains a healthy coat and I find it reasonably priced. Also, Science Diet is right up there.

Sandie's suggestion for introducing the cats is the way to do it - also, kittens need their own room for awhile anyway since if you give them too much space they are babies and could forget where the litter box is situated.
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