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For Wishbone

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Wishbone crossed over the Rainbow Bridge a while ago.

She was 8 1/2 years old and the beloved family member for Diana's family and especially for the kids.

She was a Lab/Rottie mix with a loving, affectionate attitude for everyone, She loved to be petted, she loved being with the kids and the family.

Just because she was such a lover however, did not mean that she didn't do her job, she protected her family with all her might.

Sweet Wishbone, now you are safe and secure.

Loved forever, missed forever.
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RIP, sweet Wishbone. I hope you're playing happily over the Bridge, sending lots of love to your family who misses you.

I'm so sorry, Janet. Sending lots of positive light and healing vibes to Wishbone's family.

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RIP Sweet Wishbone, find Roger my RB dog, he will guide you and have lots of doggie fun with you

look down now and then your family misses and loves you so
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RIP sweet Wishbone.

May his family find some comfort and peace.

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RIP sweet Wishbone
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Darling Wishbone, you are forever loved and so incredibly missed
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Wishbone, what a lovely name. RIP Wishbone.
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I am so sorry to hear that, please tell Diana's family for me.

Now Wishbone is over at the Bridge, I hope he finds my beloved Sambo, he will play with Wishbone.

RIP Wishbone
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Rest in Peace Wishbone
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Have fun over at Rainbow Bridge Wishbone

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Rest in Peace sweet wishbone.
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Rest in Peace brave Wishbone!
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Rest peacefully, Wishbone, and play happily over the bridge.
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