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Not using his litter

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I have had my cat for about 5 years. He is a Himalayan. All of a sudden within the last 2 years my cat decides that he wants go to the bathroom out of the litter. I have 2 litters for him and they are in a private area but yet he decides at least once a week to do #2 across from his litter box. What can I do? I have tried everything. He also did it in the bathtub as well but has stopped that for a while. I clean his litter every day and I haven't changed his litter. I also brought him to the vet and there is nothing physically wrong with him.

Does anyone have a clue as to why he does this>
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I hope you have taken him to the vet to be checked out? He could have something like crystals in his urine, or something else going on that only a vet can determine. Once he has been cleared of medical concerns, I would buy bigger boxes for him, make sure they are kept impeccably clean- scrub them out daily. I would also try other cat litters, some cats object to heavy perfumed litters and will go elsewhere because when they go to cover the waste, the scent drives them away. But first and foremost, I would take kitty to a vet.
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Environmental reasons that your cat may be defecating away from the litter box could be a change in the litter (i.e. from clay litter to scoopable litter), a change in the location or type of litter box, and the addition or absence of a pet or person in the home.
Behavioral reasons could be territorial. Is you cat neutered or has a new cat come into the home or yard? Medical reasons that your cat may urinate and defecate outside the litter box include, urinary tract infections, bladder stones, feline lower urinary tract disease, constipation or diarrhea. Since the vet said there was nothing physically wrong with him maybe there is something internally wrong with him. What kind of litter are you using, and how many cats do you have?
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Well I have 2 litter boxes for him. One open one and one closed one. He usually defecates in the closed one. I have alwasy kept the same litter the scoopable one. My cat is neutered and I only have him. My cat is very territorial but has the run of the house. He does get mad when we leave to go to work in the morning. But for the most part he does use his litter box except for that once in a while (like once or sometimes twice a week) he will not.

We did just recently move but he has been doing this way before we moved. In my other house I did have a cat that we had to put to sleep before him so that could be why he did it in my other house. But now in the new house I cannot think of any reason why. He does it in the same spot all the time.

Could it be that maybe he needs a bigger litter box?
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Have you changed his diet? There is also a product that will completely illenenate (sp?) odor. You spray where he goes, but isn't supposed to go, really well to saturate the area. It has enzymes that will ingest the oders we cannot smell. If he can still smell any waste products there he will continue to go there. There are other sprays that are supposed to repel your kitty you can use after the enzyme has done it's work. Good Luck!
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No I haven't changed his diet. I also tried one of those repellants as well and the one I got didn't work. Do you the name of any?
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