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Who else has woken up with a scratched face?

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I just walked by the bathroom mirror and caught a glance of myself and I have 2 scratches under my left eye. I remember Oscar stepping all over me last night, playing all over the bed with a toy mouse and I guess that's where they came from. I have to keep my nails filed down for work, so I know I didn't scratch myself. They are deep enough to hurt and I must've been sleeping like the dead to not have woken up Oh well, I guess now I have to spend the next week answering the question "Ooh what happened to your face?"

Anyone else woken up with a souvenir scratch from the kitties in the night?
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Yup, I did this morning.

Squeekers was sitting in the window and my hand must have caught his attention because he pounced on my hand and arm and I've got battle wounds to prove it.
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I wake up with mystery scratches all the time! I do have to wonder how I don't wake up when it happens...
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Not on my face, but I have woken up with mysterious scratches on my legs or feet
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Never with one on the face though I had one on my wrist the other night from her. It's starting to go away. I hope not too many people gave you flack over it.
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<laughing> I have scars on my tummy now from Figgit sleeping next to me and clawing me with her back claws. Both my hubby and I have woken up because someone has jumped on top of us and scatching us. Figgit once got me good on the back of my legs trying not to fall off the at that point I was awake enough to help, but I sure was after THAT!!!

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I've been scratched in my sleep. The mystery "who done it" ones on my arms or legs. I've been rudly woken up by someone running across my face and scratched my left eyelid. I now have a scar where the scratch used to be. I had one "child" puncture my right eyelid enough to scratch my cornea. (Talk about hurt!!) And our oldest, Peaches, is famous for clawing up my back.
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Yep, I've woken up with a scratch on my chin that I definately got while asleep. Happened only once though I think.
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When we first got Spike and lived in a different house, he could only figure out one way to get up on our bed: by charging up the right-hand side and leaping on. This invariably led to him landing on my head, and once he clawed me in the eye. (I thought I'd have to make a 2 am hospital trip!) Since then he's thankfully learned new approaches to getting up on the bed (although most of them still involve charging at high-speed ... Spike doesn't do anything slowly.)

Right now I have scratches on my hip and no clue how they got there. I have really tough skin (I don't bruise or scratch easily), so really, you'd think I would remember something capable of leaving a mark, but nope. No clue. It's probably all Spike's fault, though.
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Past time to clip those nails ladies!
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haven't found one on my face yet, but sometimes I find scratches in other places that weren't there when I went to sleep.
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I have, actually yesterday I woke up with a scratch on my arm from bella! Im forver waking up with scars, I remember when bella and stormie would play at 7 am and i was usually their hiding place even though they still fought on me but I woke up and I was wearing a white shirt, I looked and there was all this blood on my shirt and then this huge cute i was like those darn cats But I havent woken with as many as usual! well until yesterday I cant remember if I woke up with any on my face tho
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not scratches but often the rude awakening of my nose getting bitten! good times! Bentley only has canines on one side so he bites 2 x's as hard with that side. that's his feed me wake up before I eat your nose!!
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Maybe we are lucky. None of our cats have ever scratched or bitten our faces. Also, when they sleep with us, it is usually from the knees down. Sometimes in my wife's arm at her side.
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OMG! I could go on forever about those darn cats and scratching! I have had scratches on my forehead, chin, eye lid (ooh that hurts), arms, legs, hands, feet, stomach, and even my butt (dont ask how that got there- i dont know) Right now i got them ALL OVER MY FEET! PHX gets my feet when I'm sleeping or walking down the stairs. It's so funny to hear everyone else's stories- because then I know that it's not just me that has to suffer- but hey it's worth it right
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Not long scratches, but since getting Sonic and having him in our bedroom, I am like an overused pincushion! His claws are trimmed regularly but he does love to climb on my face (and curl up and go to sleep on my face also!) and even nicely trimmed claws are going to leave the occasional mark - I went to work one day looking as if I had really bad spots, but in reality the only problem I have with my skin is needle-like kitten claws leaving pin-prick marks
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Yup and freaked out!!! When I was little and Velvet was a kitten - i used to have a "Pet Net" hanging in the corner over my bed- i'm not sure if ya'll remember them or not- they were like these triangular mesh things little kids could put their stuffed animals in- well Velvet LOVED sleeping in that thing with my stuffed animals at night! At the time i had a little daybed that was in the corner with the pet net just above my pillow. In the middle of the night when i was sound asleep, Velvet must have jumped up there. There was obviously a screw loose of some sort because next thing i know i wake up to a crashing sound, Velvet going hysterical, and a screw slicing up my nose It was aweful- i almost peed myself My mom ran into my room and turned on the light to see that the entire pet net had fallen on my head- there were stuffed animals everywhere and the gash on my nose had bleed all over my pj's Thanks Velvet! Sooo umm yea, my word of advice- if you have kids- don't put a pet net in their room! / I still have a teeny tiny scar right in the middle of the bridge of my nose from that screw that hit it.
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I've woken up with scratches on my back that weren't there before I went to bed, but I didn't have Chasey at the time.
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Originally Posted by Hydroaxe View Post
I've woken up with scratches on my back that weren't there before I went to bed, but I didn't have Chasey at the time.
Gee i wonder what those were from
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
Gee i wonder what those were from
Uhhhh..... really sharp cookie crumbs?
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Originally Posted by Hydroaxe View Post
Uhhhh..... really sharp cookie crumbs?
mmmmmmmm huh lol for some reason i'm thinking that's a no maybe the gnomes did it?
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Hubby has woken me up yelling incoherrently at the cats because someone decided to run across his man bits and dig in a nail or 10. All I can say, after being war wounded, is that goodness I have an innie and not an outtie like he does.
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Wow, I thought I was the only one. A few months ago, I woke up and Ebony was lunging at my face. Luckily I didn't have any major scratches, but it almost gave me a heart attack!
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