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The post offices in the city are like that but the ones in the country are a bit more friendly and less crowded.
The closest post office is like that. I prefer mailing packages from there, but last Christmas the one in the big city was convenient and I needed to get the package out that day.

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Having lived in both the U.S. and Canada, definitely Canadian postal workers are more laid-back and relaxed. They also don't deliver mail on Saturdays and won't pick up your stamped letter from your mailbox.

I don't know if it's just Victoria or our street, but our postal carriers only come around three times a week or so. And if there's a Monday or Friday holiday, or inclement weather, don't look for them at all that week. I lived here for over two years before I saw mail delivered on a Friday. I honestly thought it wasn't delivered on Fridays.

They are friendlier at the Canada Postal Outlets, but seems to me there's a trade-off.
That is laid back. We get ours 6 days a week (except for holidays) even in some nasty weather. I think the last time we didn't get delivery was because there was too much snow on the ground. In fact, most of the drivers have 4wheel drive vehicles.

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That all sounds pretty normal, but the workers here are pretty much friendly minus a few. What I hate is when people come in, don't even have their package put together and do it all at the last minute! That drives me nuts, especially when it hasn't even been taped up yet!
Or not taped up properly!