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Is this a universal experience?

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Today I went to the post office to mail something internationally. So I get there, wait in line for a half an hour, and get up to the front of the line to discover that I didn't fill out the customs form correctly. The line behind me sighed in unison! The postal worker was mean and nasty and there only appeared to be two people actually WORKING.

Is the post office like this everywhere or is it just in the states?
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No - they're usually very helpfull here! You sometimes have to wait a bit, particularly at busy times of the year, but they go out of their way to help you out, so you don't mind the wait so much.
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Why do they have a half dozen service areas at the counter but only staff one?

At Christmas?
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Its like that everywhere my dear
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I think it's everywhere!! I feel like such an idiot whenever I go mail something and I'm not quite sure just how to send it.
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Everytime I've gone into the Post office, its been empty or one person ahead of me.. and they have always been helpful to me.

Maybe I'm just lucky.
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Always HUGe lines here and very slow-moving rude workers at the counter

I hate going to the post office these days!
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I try to avoid the post office. The one in my town takes an hour and a half lunch break. The one in the next town over usually only has about one person working, and of course when I had to ship something international last time (which I usually don't do) I made a huge long from all the forms I had to fill out. She wasn't rude, just disinterested
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My one PO that we go to most of the time is really nice though understaffed as always. But I went to another one and the lady was an absolute jerk to me.. SHE didn't know how to ring up the package I had and I had to tell her how to find the right buttons to do it. Then the next time she did it wrong and sent it as the wrong thing! Dork! We mail out a lot so we are very proficient with the methods and what not, but that lady was a compete dweeb!
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there's been times where I didn't have to wait but the staff was still rude, they are always rude!!! and condescending and I HATE that
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dont know where you are sending it to,
But i have found sending fedex or ups is much better then normal postoffice, for overseas shipping and i have found less stuff missing, once it gets there.
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
Why do they have a half dozen service areas at the counter but only staff one?
Or, conversely, why do they have half a dozen service people standing around, but only one helping?
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I rarely go to the main post office here. I go to the small one that is near me located inside a Shopper's Drug Mart pharmacy.

There is one person behind the counter, and sometimes the line is 5 or 6 people long, but not usually. And the girl that is usually behind the counter is very nice.
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They are really nice here too.Maybe you just caught someone on a bad day for them?!
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It all sounds normal to me, except the nasty postal workers.
We have very nice postal workers, including our mailman, who gave us a new flag as a X-mas gift last year, he's a sweet old guy.
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UHHHH! The same thing happened to me recently when I got my hair cut and took it to the post office to donate to locks of love. I was soo annoyed! I had put the hair they cut into an envelope then waited in line almost an hour because they had 2 people working- going slow as all get out mind you- and by the time i got up there they told me i needed to put it in a bubble wrap envelope then mail it- i asked if i could go get it real quick (remember i had been waiting over an hour) and this heifer of a lady was like "NO! You have to go get it and get back in line" I had the biggest urge to tell her to well....i'll leave that to your imagination / So after waiting almost an hour and 45 minutes...i finally got the darn donation mailed. I was soo annoyed- there i was trying to do something nice and those heifers were total deamons! Next time I will use FexEX or UPS! I have never been treated rudly by them! USPS is a nightmare to deal with.
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The post offices in the city are like that but the ones in the country are a bit more friendly and less crowded.
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Always HUGe lines here and very slow-moving rude workers at the counter!
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Having lived in both the U.S. and Canada, definitely Canadian postal workers are more laid-back and relaxed. They also don't deliver mail on Saturdays and won't pick up your stamped letter from your mailbox.

I don't know if it's just Victoria or our street, but our postal carriers only come around three times a week or so. And if there's a Monday or Friday holiday, or inclement weather, don't look for them at all that week. I lived here for over two years before I saw mail delivered on a Friday. I honestly thought it wasn't delivered on Fridays.

They are friendlier at the Canada Postal Outlets, but seems to me there's a trade-off.
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Post offices just suck in general. They never seem to want to work fast no matter how many people there are in line, and they get so annoyed when you've filled something in wrong.

There's various customs forms (we often ship back to Australia), and I'm never sure which to send - I think it depends on the value of the package and whether you want it express or not, so I just fill in all the customs forms and let them take whatever they need...

Around here, if you fill out the wrong form, they send you away to fill in the right form, but they tell you go back to the front of the queue when you're done, so that's something...
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As for the customs forms, if its over a certain weight, then you have to fill out the big one, but if its under so much (I can't remember the weight), then its the green one. It does get confusing and its frustrating. I see those forms all the time at work and I love reading them.

As for rudeness - we have the same problem here, as well as the not many staff working issue. I don't know why.
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I dont go into the post office often as i just check my mail outside. Im annoyed at people taking money out at the atms. I was waiting behind this woman and she was there for a good 5-10 mins, she kept putting in her pin number and spitting out receipts. She did that 4 times!!!! I was ready to grab her by the hair and smack her. She didn't even turn around and wonder if there was a line or apologise (there was another person behind me waiting as well). i take like a minute do to my stuff or not even that!!!!
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I had to mail an envelope for my husband to a client of his. It was stamped "media mail" and after waiting in line for 30 minutes (with three workers helping, but one was helping a couple get a passport application filled out--apparantly that takes a long while). Anyway, i finally got up to mail the darned thing and the worker actually asked me what was in the envelope! I just told him I thought it was magazines, thinking it was glossy paper and the guy just went off on a tangent about how you can't mail magazines with media mail. Aparantly you are only allowed to send "media" in a media mail envelope and not just any paper or glossies. Whatever! Geez, sorry! Next time, I'll make my husband mail his own stuff on his lunch break. I hate going to the post office. Those people must be overworked and hate their jobs. No personable social skills at all. Not like the post office at my college: that place could have a line stretching out the door and it was still only a 10-15 min wait because the worker there was a real pro. I miss that post office
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That all sounds pretty normal, but the workers here are pretty much friendly minus a few. What I hate is when people come in, don't even have their package put together and do it all at the last minute! That drives me nuts, especially when it hasn't even been taped up yet!
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I haven't had an issue, yet. However, the last time (and first time) I ever mailed a package, there was a gentleman there that was REALLY helpful.

Silly me, I thought you actually had to pay for the priority mail boxes.

But all in all, he was really friendly, helpful, and patient!

I'm sorry your experiences have been awful.

OH! And when we went in to get stamps for our wedding invitations, we took an invitation in to be weighed. The guy there was SOOOO happy that we did that. He said, "You'll never believe how many mothers and daughters we get in here, crying because all of the invitations were sent back because there wasn't enough postage."
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I had a similar situation before Christmas, with a long line and only two very surly workers behind the desk. The man in front of me got fed up and asked why they didn't have more workers up front, considering it was the holiday season. The worker told him that the post office makes more money off the work they do in the back, so that's where they put the most people. The man replied "Well, if you're not making money off of me, I guess all my mail is free to send, right?" The worker did not know what to say, and the guy got applause from the rest of us in line.
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Yep, sure looks like an international experience. Our local PO is a real pain, the queue is always really long and full of grumpy people though the people behind the desk seem friendlier than the people mentioned here
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Well when I fist came to Spain and my Spanish was non-existant - but I always tried and took my dictionary in with me - they were terrible - I put it down the the language barrier.
They are better now, but they are still so slow, they even go out for coffee breaks when the queue is hanging out of the doors, mind you that is common practise, bank staff even do that here !
Maybe theres something in envelopes that affects peoples speed
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The workers at the post office in my little hometown are all very nice, polite and helpful. Even at Christmas time, when it's an absolute zoo! I've never been treated like they were rushed, or tired or angry...and for the most part, the customers have always behaved nicely too. The Secretary of State's office, however, is another story. They are the rudest, nastiest, worst people in the world to deal with. Thank God I can renew my driver's license by mail usually. I HATE going there with a passion!!! And everyone I know here in town feels the same exact way.
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Ah yes, the local post office where I live. Never a long line, because hardly anybody lives around here.

Only one postal employee and I could be the only one in line and it'll still take him 15 minutes to get a package mailed off, because I have to tell him how to do everything!

One time I had to send something to Japan. That got him so confused he had to call another post office to get help.

He's a nice guy, but c'mon, he really shouldn't be doing this job.
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