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Unusual licking

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I have a question about my usually calm, even tempered Firenza.

Recently I have noticed she has been licking the concrete. Whether that is the utility room steps, the reconstituted concrete urns or the wall of the hosue, she embarks on frantic licking of concrete.

Can anyone advie if this display signifies some kind of mineral deficiency or maybe she just like the texture?

I'm a bit worried by this but don't really want to run to the vet incase they think I'm daft.

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You would be wise to get kitty to the vet. I know from past experience that this "could" be a symptom of anemia. I had a feral that used to lick the concrete outside and finally I captured the poor thing and took him in. His blood count was so low he was hospitilized for 4 days. Not a fun time for a kitty used to being wild, but he was so sick he needed to be treated.

If you open your kitty's mouth gently and look at her gums, if they are pale or bleached looking please take her in! Actually, take her in anyway........Good luck!
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Any updates Yola?
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