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Flea Season AGAIN

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I really hate this time of yr.. Flea season.. Out of our 6 3 of them suffer from flea bite allergiers.. Im gonna start giving them the Brewers Yeast n Garlic tablets n see if that helps..
We have spent money out the wazoo on flea spot on treatments an they dont seem to work. We treat our yard n nothing.
Ive even come up with an Herbal remedies to use on my carpet, that seems to help along with 4 homemade flea light traps.
just wish their was somthing else we could use without going into debt to get rid of theses..
Please dont recommend using one of the indoor bombs.. I have no place to take 2 birds, 2 ferrets n 6 cats while its in use n the until the place clears out.
Anyone got any suggestions???
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Ah yes............ fleas, nasty ankle biters. Last year our cat had them for the first time and we didnt realise until it was too late. We came home from a 2 week holiday to find our house infested as soon as the heating was turned back on! Man it was awful.
Ok so I tried everything that I could buy from the pet stores etc but nothing worked, that included bombs, sprays,herbal stuff, you name we tried it.
In the end I went to my vet who recommended "Indorex" which came in a large spray can. I treated the cats AGAIN with on the collar stuff and sprayed the Indorex around the house, everywhere. Thats the last we saw of them, it was like some one flicked a switch...........they were just gone. Magic.
I am in the Uk so not sure if the its available under the same name where ever you are but ask your vet for something super strength that wont affect their allergies. Good luck. X
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An old farmer told me once of a way to treat your house. Mule Team 20/20 in the area where you get stuff to wash and treat clothes. It is borox and when put on carpets and left for about 20 minutes it helps kill both fleas and eggs.

Wormwood, and pennyroyal grown in the yard can help as herbs ways to get rid of fleas as well. I will let ya'll know how well this works come summer, as I just planted both in my garden.

Just some ideas passed on to me

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Please don't give your cat pills with garlic in them. Garlic is toxic to cats.

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Start treating your yard with beneficial nematodes. Nematodes are microscopic organisms that eat grubs, fleas, and a host of other "bad" pests. You spray them on your yard with a hose-end sprayer either early in the morning or late in the evening. You might have to spray several times, but you will have success. You can find them at lots of feed stores, or you can order online via an organic gardening center.

Also, the borax does work. You will have to reapply every so often, but it will work. Make sure you vacuum up the borax after it's set. If you can brush it into your carpet with a broom, you'll get even better results.

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I thought this might help
check out Diatomaceous Earth at www.fleascontrol.com
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I looked up herbs that can help deter fleas if you plant them in your yard, Turns out one of them Lavender grows native in Africa where maybe long ago african wildcats, the wild forunners of our housecats, used or were around the plant themselves rubbing against it or eating it like catnip, I wonder if thats why it repeals fleas on housecats, something might be in the plant? http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...s/confused.gif. Do you think the wild anscetors of cats sought out curtain plants like catnip but instead for flea reprellent?
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