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Do you ever have those days...

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...where you just have to go pee every five minutes?? For absolutely no apparent reason whatsoever?

And doesn't it just really interfere with your time?

I swear I saw more of the inside of the bathroom today than I did of my computer....jeesh!
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Everday! I drink way to much tea. I'm always on a mad dash to make a "pit stop".
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Ah yes-the TB days!! (tiny bladder). Seems to happen when I drink more tea-esp iced tea that usual.
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Yes I have an acorn bladder
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lol with all the water i drink, i am always looking where is the next bathroom
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Oh, yeah! I know the location of every rest room from here to Augusta, GA! The ladies at the rest area on the state line recognize me now, I have visited there so often.
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Yeah, coffee does that to me if I drink more than 2 cups in the morning. I've actually been talk to about it at work (we have to have an "off the phone log" to document what we do when we log off). They said I'm taking too many bathroom breaks with no medical reason behind it. I said "well, the other option is me peeing my pants...which do you prefer!"
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Lately every time I've had to go to the hospital for anything I have to use the restroom. I don't think it would be nerves just bad timing and me thinking "eh, I can hold it". The feldene I'm taking seems to make it worse too.
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They do that to you at your work? And off-the-phone log? Are you supposed to be chained to your desk or something??
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YESSSSSS!! And its always(no matter what) at the most inconvienent times!!
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Oh yes !!! Mine is as big as a Nat's A**
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OH YES!! I drink lots of coffee at work (I work 7pm to 7am, so actually TONS of coffee) and I spend most of my night wondering when I'll have time for a potty break. You're right, it IS an annoying interruption (but I still can't give up the coffee )
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I always have to pee..I drink too much coffee I think. But yes, somedays it seems like I am in there more than in my office.
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Hmmm, the only time that happened to me was when I was pregnant with my boys.
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