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Work....would you rather...

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When it comes to a job, would you rather do a job that you love with people you can't stand? Or really like the people you work with and absolutely hate the job? Of course, loving both the job and the people is the ultimate but that's not an option in this thread . The people at the call center I work at are great (I stay OUT of the politics) but I hate the job. It pays good, but I get yelled at constantly by the customers. I've had jobs before where I couldn't stand the people I worked with (impossible boss, stuck up co-workers) but at least I there I could do my work and avoid them as much as possible. Just curious how everyone else feels. (Yes, I'm looking for a new job!! )
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Hmm...I hate my job, and I love some of the people I work with and hate some of them. I think I'd rather love my job and hate everyone at work though, because I am pretty good at focusing on one thing and blocking out background noise. Plus I'm not really at work to socialize, I could do that with my friends after work.
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I agree I would rather love the job hate the coworkers. But I am lucky enough to have coworkers I like and a job that doesn't make me miserable (I am not loving my job all the time but I can deal with it!!)
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I'd rather love the job & hate the people I worked with/for.
Thats how it was at my last job. I LOVED what I did- but I hated who I worked for.... idiots!!
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Another love the job, hate the people vote here!

In my field of work, it's really important to get along because here, we are required to do so much collaberated(sp??) teaching. So it really sucks if you don't get along with the other teachers because they're pretty much in your face all the time *sigh* Thank God the kids make it worth it because I can't stand most of the adults haha
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I have had it both ways, and truly? A job I love working with people I hate is WAAAAAY less stressful than a job I hate working with people I love.

My coworkers are just that: coworkers. I don't hang out with them after work, and I didn't choose them as I would my friends.
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I don't know....they both equal out for me, lol!
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The people I work with are great but the job is a drag. I'd rather have a job I love because I could just ignore the people!
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I'd prefer having a job I love and no people at all.
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I'd rather not work

But I'd rather ultimately have a job that I love. I like the people that I work with now but I hate my job and it makes me absolutely miserable. You can avoid and ignore people, you can't avoid and ignore your job if you don't like it
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Currently I love my job but not the... I work with only one person... soo... I love the job not her and I deal with it cuz she leaves for 3 months and I am so happy during that time it somewhat makes up for the other 9 months!
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I would prefer liking the people I work with and hating the job. My first job was a dishwasher, and it sucked but the people were sooo nice that I stayed there for 4 years. I don't really care what my job is, but my coworkers really bother me if they arent nice. I have quit 2 jobs recently because of my coworkers.
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I think I would rather hate the job and love the coworkers..then at least you can all hate the job together and maybe you can have some laughs at work...Loving the job when you hate everyone around you would be draining I think.
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