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Not very ladylike...

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Well, of course you can't tell but she is snoring at the moment, too!!

It's been ten minutes and she hasn't moved - only Ruby could sleep like this!

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Oh that's so funny
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what a silly girl!
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Hope Ruby does not wake up with a stiff neck.
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She is such a cute girl!!!!!!! I love her fluffy coat!!! What kind of dog is she again? She's prescious!!!
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Awwwww......give Ruby tummy rubs for me please!!
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hey now, doggie porn?
have to agree, looks like time to give her a belly rub.
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Awww how cute is she!
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Oh yes they get PLENTY of belly rubs. When they are cuddling they will maneouvre themselves into the most impossibly uncomfortable positions to get a rub.

I said to Max last night, `I would love just for five minutes to be a dog and get a belly rub to see why they crave it so much. Every dog alive just lives for belly rubs! It must be the most amazing feeling in the world to them'

I mean, our dogs want for nothing, so they are almost exclusively focused on belly-rubs at any opportunity!

Sorry Nikki - they're Labradoodles (standard, wool-coated). Or, according to a lady who comes to our dog park, they are muppets.

Bruce - you ain't seen nothin'! Ruby can be obscene when she's trying to get comfortable!!
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What a silly girl!! I love it when mine sleep like that, cracks me up!!
For example, like this:

This is Mollys all time favorite sleeping position.

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Oh Ruby, Would you like to take a trip to Boston?

My dog Cameron likes to sleep like that too. Maybe they like to air out their bellies or show off their abs!
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That is just too cute..Ruby is a pretty girl..sleepy girl..
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aww sweet Ruby - that must be a comfy position, our RB dog Roger used to sleep like that - but not as pretty on a boy doggie

give her some tummy rubs from us
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