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Does anyone know of any good DIY home improvement web sites? I am interested in fixing up a couple rooms in our house and need some great ideas. Thanks a bunch!
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try these
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Jessica, not sure what you are looking for but I just love Debbie Travis's Painted House for decorating ideas.
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this is a good one as well...DIY
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Ken! Love your links! Now I will never get any sleep!!!! :LOL:
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Ooo Ooo Did I hear someone mention "decorating"!?!?!? Can I help!?!? Huh? Huh?? Can I!??!!? Pleeeease?!?!?! I just looove decorating!!

Also, try www.ukstyle.co.uk
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Thanks Ken for the sites, looks like I have a lot of reading to do.

Good to know you like decorating Rhea, I may have to e-mail you a billion questions... That is if you don't mind?
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Go for it!! I enjoy it!! (my poor house has been subject to many changes since we moved in 4 months ago!! haha - I've been trying out all the stuff I've been learning on my interior design course on it! :laughing: )
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