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..aaaand action!

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Nikita is a very active energetic cat. I'm a hobby photographer and I love taking pictures of her. Here is a handful of her playing or otherwise running around.

This one is out of focus but I like it anyway:

The duvet-mice must die!


She's a natural bird hunter

Very athletic


and finally the action photo of her that took the most time to get. short when people ask me if Nikita is active, the answer is yes.
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Wow! Fantastic shots! She is such a stunning girl!
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Wow those photos are amazing well done and she looks beautiful in them. wish i could get pics of Heidi like that.

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More flying bengals!, excellent
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She is stunning. I love the color. She does look very active.
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very nice pics!!!!
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Great photos of Nikita! I love the running one - looks like a jungle cat on the run-but instead of chasing a zebra, he's probably chasing a feather stick!
What a beauty!
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WOW! Amazing pictures!!! She's stunning.
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Great shots!!! WoW!!!
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I love the last picture. Beautiful bengal and spots!
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She is just gorgeous! I love the pictures. Action shots are so hard to get, but she seems to give you plenty of opportunities with all that running around!

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Those are great pics!! Nikita is just a little active, eh?
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Gorgeous pics of a GORGEOUS girl!
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OMG those are great pictures!
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Those are great pics! I personally think "active" is an understatement for her!
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o my such a cutie, and look at those markings, what a GORGEOUS girl u have there

Those are GREAT pics too
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give that tummy some rubs from me

Great photos so that last one did she land on YOU !!!
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First of all thanks everyone for your comments Nikita is a very pretty girl and fully aware of it, especially now that I've passed all your comments along to her

mooficat - Yep she landed on me. I got that shot by lying in my bed under a duvet and patting it from underneath above my chest invoking the magic bed mice. She happily pounced (lots and lots of times, it took a while to get that shot) and landed straight on my chest. I had the camera mostly wedged in the crook of my neck under my chin.

The things I do to try get nice photos.. heh.
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She's just gorgeous Great action the last one and the one where she's eating the Duvet cover
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What wonderful action shots..she is just beautiful..
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awesome action shots! I love that panning shot (second to the last).
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